Dubai as a Solo Female Traveller – Is it Safe?

Author Carina Klein
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Can a woman travel to Dubai alone? Absolutely!

I am going to let know a little secret now: I have written all of our Dubai blog posts in the "we" form (as in Philipp and Carina) because this is our shared travel blog. The truth is: that Philipp was not with me in Dubai. In fact, I was alone in Dubai as a solo female traveller.

Here is my experience travelling to Dubai as a woman.

Solo Travel to Dubai

Is Dubai Safe for Women

First things first – you’re probably wondering: Is Dubai safe for solo female travellers? Yes! According to numbeo, Dubai is the fourth safest city in the world 2024.

And I can confirm this from my personal experience. Never once have I felt unsafe during my time in Dubai. I even walked alone at night to a certain extent.

Picture of Enjoying the view from the Burj Khalifa
Enjoying the view from the Burj Khalifa

Where to Stay on Your Dubai Solo Trip

I think the best area to stay in Dubai is the Marina area. You’ll have easy access to the metro, the Marina Walk, and JBR Beach.

There are some nice hostels in Dubai and more and more are opening.

I stayed at Papaya backpacker's. They have female-only dorms and a nice backpacker vibe.

Picture of Papaya backpacker's Dubai
Papaya backpacker's Dubai

How to Get Around on Your Solo Trip to Dubai

I took every form of public transport during my time in Dubai – from the metro over the tram to buses. I felt safe in each and every one of them.

The metro and tram have women-only compartments which are especially nice in the rush hour when the trains get crazy crowded.

I have written more about public transport in Dubai in my backpacking guide:

Picture of Women only compartment in the Dubai metro
Women only compartment in the Dubai metro

Things to Do Alone in Dubai

I did a ton of things during my solo trip to Dubai. I

And much more.

You can find everything that I’ve done in my Dubai itinerary.

Picture of Exploring Old Dubai
Exploring Old Dubai

Staying Connected During Your Dubai Solo Travel

I always feel safer when I know that I am connected to the internet – especially when I’m travelling solo.

Surprisingly, my Airalo eSIM turned out to be cheaper than the SIM cards at the airport.

Picture of Enjoying an Abra ride
Enjoying an Abra ride

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