About us

Hi, we are Carina and Philipp, a 30 something year old couple from Germany. We are a travel writer and a web developer, who were about to travel the world in 2020. Instead we dreamt about travel - a lot. We decided that we want to be ready to travel so we started to curate our travel bucketlist.

2021 was finally the year in which we turned some of our bucketlist destinations to concrete travel plans. Our first big trip in Europe exploring the Balkans was a huge success.

So we decided to embark on our first ever digital nomad adventure in Central America in 2022. We share all of our adventures and itineraries with you - on this travel blog, on social media Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and in our newsletter.

On this travel blog, you can find tips for travel planning, tested a (often fast paced) itineraries, some behind the scenes information about us, as well as travel ideas for Germany and the rest of the world - and of course you’ll get to know us!

If you want to know what the future of this blog will hold you can check out our bucketlist. Sooner or later we’ll tick everything off- taking you with us.

We want to take you on the journey from idea to travel plan or in other words from bucketlist to life.

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