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Philipp and Carina from bucketlist2life like Star Trek, Döner, Punk Rock, and more. We have traveled to 40 countries and counting.

Where we've been

We've been to 4 continents and 40 countries and counting.


Favorite country

Mexico: Mexico has the weather, the food, the hotels and the friendly locals.

Picture of Tulum Beach
Tulum, Mexico

Favorite city

New York City: There are just too many possibilities! You can experience the crowded Manhattan or the lovely beaches, street food or Michelin star cuisine. You can go to museums, concerts, theaters. NYC has it all!

Picture of view from Top of the Rock, NYC
New York City, USA

Film, music, and books

Favorite TV show

Star Trek: We've seen ALL of Star Trek - TOS, TNG, DS9, Voyager, Enterprise, Discovery, Picard, The Lower Decks and all movies. Yes, we know the amount of time it took to consume it all.

Favorite band

Zebrahead: We've seen them live more than ten times!

Favorite books

Douglas Adams is our favorite author. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is just a classic! But Last Chance to See is the book, which inspired us to go out and see the Komodo Dragons in Indonesia!

Food and drink

Favorite drink

Whisky: While Philipp likes peated Whiskys, Carina prefers the sweeter varieties - but we both agree that Bunnahabhain is the best.

Favorite food

Döner: You can get the travelers out of Berlin but not Berlin out of the travelers. Döner is the best food in the world and you need to eat it in Berlin. Period.

Picture of Philipp holding a Döner Kebab
Döner Kebab, Berlin

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Jen Nilsson

13.04.2021, 23:18

I love that you love NYC! I hope to share a döner and whisky with you on my next trip to Berlin!

Carina | Bucketlist2Life

14.04.2021, 11:28

That would be great! I know all the best places to get Döner and Whisky ;)

Mandy Southgate

16.03.2021, 21:17

Not heard of Zebrahead before but I like them a lot!

Mandy Southgate wants to share this link with you

Emm in London

Emm in London

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Carina | Bucketlist2Life

16.03.2021, 21:36

Great to hear that! They deserve all the love they can get!


02.03.2021, 23:11

Here's to hoping more green appears on your travel map soon! My map is feeling pretty lonely as well. Nice idea the 'Get to Know Us' posting. it was fun to read.

Carina | Bucketlist2Life

03.03.2021, 08:07

Thank you so much for your feedback! Glad that your liked it 🙂 we really hope new experiences will be possible in the near future - and with it new green areas...

Chalk and cheese travels

20.02.2021, 22:01

Great to read and get to know you better 👍 its always good to learn about the people we interact with.
Thanks for sharing. our shared link is our about page so you can get to know us better

Chalk and cheese travels wants to share this link with you

Chalk & Cheese Travels


Follow this travel couple and there favourite finds. Find out about Chalk and Cheese Travels, there love to travel the globe one city by city.

Carina | Bucketlist2Life

24.02.2021, 10:04

Nice to get to know you better! Excellent use of a backlink I must say. Great to know that you are researchers and planners too! Didn't realize that you have a chef among you: I will have to be on a lookout for your food recommendations!