How to Get from Cebu to Moalboal

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Travel guide: Going from Cebu to Moalboal by bus

On our 30-day backpacking trip through the Philippines, we took a taxi from Cebu Airport to Moalboal and a bus back from Moalboal to Cebu City. Here’s our guide.

How to Go to Moalboal

At the time of our visit, there were no shared tourist transfers or vans from Cebu to Moalboal, only buses and taxis.

Cebu City to Moalboal

You have two options to go to Moalboal from Cebu City:

1. Cebu Moalboal Bus

This is the cheapest option. Buses leave from the Cebu South Bus Terminal. Look for a bus that goes to “Bato via Barili”, “Badian” or “Moalboal.” They leave super regularly throughout the day (around every 30 minutes) so no need to check for a schedule.

You can just buy the ticket on the bus. Aircon buses are a bit more expensive. We paid 209 PHP. Our journey took around 3 hours.

The bus stops in Moalboal. If you want to head further to Pangsama Beach, a private tricycle will cost around 120 PHP.

Total cost: 329 PHP (cheap and easy.)

2. Cebu Moalboal Taxi

There are two types of taxis in Cebu City: White and yellow taxis. You can read online that white taxis are more reliable. We took a yellow taxi and negotiated the price in advance and have zero complaints.

Total cost: 2500 PHP (While the total cost of a taxi might be lower than from the airport, you will most likely not find anyone to share the taxi with and pay more in the end.)

Picture of Bus Cebu Moalboal
Bus Cebu Moalboal

Cebu Airport to Moalboal

1. Cebu Airport to Moalboal Bus

To go from the Cebu Airport to Moalboal by bus, you have to first get to the Cebu South Bus Terminal. You can

  1. Take a bus: We met a solo female traveller who took the bus from Cebu Airport to Cebu South Bus Terminal without any problems. The Sugbo buses leave daily every hour from 5 AM to 6 PM. They cost 40 PHP.

    Total cost: 369 PHP (The cheapest way but will take much longer.)

  2. Take a taxi: A Grab would have been 700 PHP when we checked.

    Total cost: 1029 PHP (not worth it.)

2. Cebu Airport to Moalboal Taxi

We shared a yellow taxi with three people and paid 1000 PHP per person. The driver dropped us off at our accommodation at Pangsama Beach so there was no need to hire a tricycle in Moalboal. The ride took around 3 hours.

We met travellers who paid slightly less for a white taxi.

Total cost: 1000 PHP (We think this is the most convenient way.)

Picture of Tricycle in the Philippines
Tricycle in the Philippines

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