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Bus Sarajevo to Belgrade – Quick Travel Guide

Author Carina Klein
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Quick Sarajevo Beograd bus travel guide.

Everything you need to know about taking the autobus from Sarajevo to Beograd.

How to Take the Bus from Sarajevo to Belgrade

Is there a Bus from Sarajevo to Belgrade?

Yes, there are several buses from Sarajevo to Belgrade per day.

Where Can I Buy Tickets for the Sarajevo Belgrade Bus?

You can buy tickets for the Sarajevo to Belgrade bus at the Sarajevo bus station. As there’s only a handful of buses per day, you can also buy your bus tickets online if you want to be safe.

Bucketlist2life travel tip: Most buses from Sarajevo to Belgrade leave from the East Sarajevo bus station or Istočno Sarajevo bus station.

How to Get to the East Sarajevo Bus Station

The cheapest way to get from the city centre to the East Sarajevo bus station is by bus. Bus line 103 from Trg Austrije to Dobrinja leaves regularly right at the Latin Bride (marked on the map). The last stop of the line is just a few minutes walk away from the East Sarajevo bus station.

Tickets cost under 2€ and can be bought from the driver.

Bucketlist2life travel tip: Make sure to leave some cash on you. We’re not sure if it’s legit but a man charged us 2 convertible marks to get to the platform. Also, make sure to print out your ticket in case you bought an online ticket like us.
Picture of Bus to East Sarajevo bus station
Bus to East Sarajevo bus station

How Long Is the Bus from Sarajevo to Belgrade?

The bus ride from Sarajevo to Belgrade takes around 8 hours. There’s the border crossing around half the way that will take some time.

Bus Sarajevo Beograd – The Border Crossing

Like most land border crossings, you have to:

  1. Exit the bus to get stamped out of the first country.
  2. Drive to the second border.
  3. Exit the bus to get stamped into the second country.

We remained seated for Serbian immigration. An official collected our passports directly on the bus.

Picture of Serbian Bosnian border crossing
Serbian Bosnian border crossing

Other Ways to Go from Sarajevo to Beograd

Is there a Train Between Sarajevo and Belgrade?

No, there is no train train from Sarajevo to Belgrade.

Sarajevo to Beograd Tour

The most fun way to go from Sarajevo to Belgrade is by sightseeing transfer. The tour stops at:

  • Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge in Višegrad.
  • Andrićgrad.
  • Dobrun Monastery.
  • Drvengrad “Wooden Town” ethnic village.
  • Šargan Eight narrow-gauge railway.

This tour is by Meet Bosnia with whom we did two tours and were very happy:

Bus Belgrade to Sarajevo

To take a bus from Belgrade to Sarajevo, do all the steps the other way around 😉

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