Romania Danube Delta Tour – Our Review

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What to expect on a Danube Delta trip from Tulcea Romania to Mila 23 and Letea. Here’s our experience.

We went on a Danube Delta tour from Tulcea and it was one of the highlights of our time in Romania. Read on if you want to know our honest opinion about the Guided Day Trip to the Danube Delta, Tulcea - Letea.

Is the Guided Day Trip to the Danube Delta Worth it?

To be honest, we weren’t 100% convinced when our friend told us that she had watched a documentary about the Danube Delta and we had to go on a tour there. We thought it was mostly for fishing and birding and we are neither the most avid fishermen nor birdwatchers.

In hindsight, we are absolutely happy that we went. The Danube Delta is the second largest as well as the best-preserved river delta in Europe. It is even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We had a surprisingly fun and relaxing day cruising through a lot of greenery, spotting some birds, and exploring Letea village and forest.

Guided Day Trip to the Danube Delta – Our Personal Review

We absolutely enjoyed our Danube Delta tour. You have to be aware that this tour is not a specialised bird-watching tour on a slow boat but rather a sightseeing tour on a pretty fast boat. It takes a whole day and covers roughly 200 km (125 mi).

You’ll get to see loads of canals, lakes and two very remote villages. On the way, you stop or go slow to spot birds and other wildlife. Spotting pelicans was a small highlight for us. We also thought it was great fun to explore the Letea forest on foot – even if we didn’t see any wild horses.

Bucketlist2life tip: If you’re looking for a base, we stayed at Pensiunea Anda . The value for money is amazing, the garden is lovely, and the hostess is super hospitable. The only downside is that you need a car.

What Other Travellers Say About the Guided Day Trip to the Danube Delta

⭐ Rating: 5.0 / 5 (67 reviews)

Doing it right, where everybody else does it wrong

This trip is probably the best one you can get in Tulcea. Our guide was a real expert on the matter, being a biologist, which was a great suprise! He shared his vast knowledge on the Delta ecosystem, while at the same time keeping it interesting and light. Where other trips blasted through canals on speedboats, disturbing the wildlife and other tourists, he was always mindfull of the place, us and the animals. You won’t regret it!

– Michael (see more reviews)

What to Expect on the Guided Day Trip to the Danube Delta?

You’ll board the boat in the Port of Tulcea.

Picture of Port of Tulcea
Port of Tulcea

The cruise starts with a boat ride through Tulcea Canal, Garla Sontea, Canal 36, Garla Sireasa, and Garla Sontea. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife (mostly birds 😉).

Picture of Birds in the Danube Delta
Birds in the Danube Delta

Take a short coffee and toilet break at Mila 23, a small fishing village in the Danube Delta.

Picture of Mila 23
Mila 23

Continue through the Miazazi, Matita, and Merhei Lakes.

Picture of Spotting wildlife on Danube Delta trips
Spotting wildlife on Danube Delta trips

The next stop was our personal highlight of the trip. In Letea village, you’ll board a safari car to go to Leatea forest, Europe's northernmost subtropical forest. Here, you’ll walk through a super cool oak forest and look for wild horses. The word safari might be a bit misleading and we didn’t spot any wild horses but it was still great fun.

Picture of Letea, Danube Delta
Letea, Danube Delta

The last stop of the tour is an optional lunch at an authentic local household in Letea village. The hosts cook simply and traditionally. This was probably the best food we had in all of Romania so we recommend you to opt in – especially if you enjoy fish.

Picture of Our lunch in Letea
Our lunch in Letea

After lunch, you’ll return to Tulcea on another route back through different lakes and canals.

What Does the Guided Day Trip to the Danube Delta Include?

The Danube Delta cruise includes

  • 1 place on the boat for the trip Tulcea - Mila 23 - Letea - Tulcea.
  • Guide, member of the Professional Guides Association of the Danube Delta.
  • Safari car for the visit to Letea Forest.

Conclusion: Should You Book the Guided Day Trip to the Danube Delta?

It’s a no-brainer to book this tour if you’re into nature and birds at all. Even if you’re not, this tour will get you to super off-the-beaten-path parts of Romania. Overall it’s a super relaxing and unique day trip which we can wholeheartedly recommend.

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