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Signagi Wine Tour: The Best Tbilisi Wine Tour

Author Carina Klein
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If you’re interested in booking a winery tour in Georgia we’ve got you covered.

We went on the 1-Day Signagi Food & Wine Tour: Vines & Villages by Eat This! Tours Georgia and what can we say? It was the best tour we have done in Georgia! Read on to learn why.

Is the Signagi Wine Tour Worth it?

Let’s address the elephant in the room first: You probably landed on this article because you googled “Best Tbilisi Wine Tour” or something similar. This means that you have found the cheap wine tours from Tbilisi on GetYourGuide or Viator.

Now you’re wondering why you should pay three times as much or more for the tour we recommend. Let us explain why.

The answer is quite easy: You get what you pay for. Most of the budget tours include a set amount of wines. You have to pay extra for food and everything else.

We went on a budget-friendly wine tour and got three sips of their standard wine. We had to pay extra for their special bottlings as well as the food.

Next, we’ll explain how the Signagi Wine Tour by Eat This! Tours Georgia is different.

Picture of The wines we tasted at Giuaani Winery
The wines we tasted at Giuaani Winery

Signagi Wine Tour – Our Personal Review

The Signagi Wine Tour by Eat This! Tours Georgia is a truly all-inclusive experience.

It starts with a pick-up at your accommodation. Our driver and guide Giorgi gave us a lot of information while driving super carefully (let’s just say that’s not a given in Georgia).

We learned so many things about Georgian wine, its production, and its traditions both from our guide Giorgi and from the local guides at the wineries. Everybody was always open to questions and answered them with great care.

One could feel that the three wineries we visited were chosen really carefully. It was amazing to compare a large winery with a bigger production to an artisan winery and a family winery. You could feel the love for wine as well as hospitality at every single place. And of course, there was plenty of delicious wine for every taste.

The accompanying food was chosen well: From the wine pairing at the first winery over the snacks at the second winery that really made the wines shine to the family feast at the third winery.

Speaking of the family feast: The experience of attending a traditional Georgian family feast was one of our most unique travel experiences ever and will stay in our hearts for a while.

A little note from the German who can’t help being German: This tour was extremely well organised. The schedule was quite full and from previous experiences in Georgia, we were a bit sceptical if everything would work out. We must say both our tour guide Giorgi and the local guides at the wineries were super experienced and efficient without ever feeling rushed.

Of course, we were dropped back off at our accommodation perfectly in time!

Picture of Drinking Saperavi by the fireplace
Drinking Saperavi by the fireplace

What Other Travellers Say About the Signagi Wine Tour

⭐ Rating: 5.0 / 5 (46 reviews)

Beyond Expectations
I don't even know where to start!!! I knew when booking that this One Day Village Wine Tour came with amazing reviews but Eat This! still managed to exceed all expectations. Our guide Giorgi was highly knowledgeable and seemed to have very personal relationships with all the sites we visited. He curated a fantastic experience that will not soon be forgotten. Our first stop at Giuaani was breathtaking. I wish I had known about this gem prior to our trip as I would have loved to spend a night (or two) enjoying the setting as well as the wonderful foods and wines. The winemaker was super friendly and genuine and although the facility was highly polished there was no air of the pretentiousness that you often feel at similar sized wineries around the world. At our second stop, we visited Kerovani and fell in love with the enthusiasm of our hosts and their unique creations. They didn't hesitate to accommodate our request for gluten-free options for the pairings and the wine poured freely. Our final stop was a most welcoming visit at the family wineyard Anabechdi (although this could be the name of the wine not the family). We were blown away by their hospitality and the amount of food and wine served during the supra! The hosts entertained us with lessons in history, numerous toasts and a musical extravaganza in which multiple generations participated. […]

– AliKellyB (see more reviews)

In case you need even more opinions weighing in, the wonderful Emily from Wander-Lush, Baia from Red Fedora Diary and Stefania from Every Steph also loved this tour!

Picture of The wines we tasted at Kerovani Winery
The wines we tasted at Kerovani Winery

What to Expect on the Signagi Wine Tour?

Our lovely driver and guide Giorgi picked us up from our accommodation and a perfect day in Georgia began.

We visited three wineries. Note that the exact wineries might change due to availability.

1. Giuaani Winery

Giuaani Winery is a medium-sized winery. They produce around 300000 bottles per year.

Upon arrival, our guide Giorgi (yes, another Giorgi) showed us around the winery – which is absolutely beautiful by the way.

We tasted six wines, including Manavi Mtsvane from the Manavi microzone in Kakheti. Of course, a Georgian wine tasting wouldn’t be complete without Rkatsiteli and Saperavi – and a home-distilled Chacha.

The highlight of this winery was the food and wine pairing. Tom from Eat This! Tours Georgia and Giorgi from Giuaani crafted a six-course menu with typical Georgian dishes including salads, bread, warm dishes, and a dessert which were perfectly accompanied by the different wines.

Picture of Giorgi presenting our wine pairing menu
Giorgi presenting our wine pairing menu

2. Kerovani Winery

Kerovani is a small artisan winery. They produce around 2500 - 3000 bottles per year.

Upon arrival, our guide Ilya showed us around the winery. It was super cool to visit a wine cellar and see the traditional Qvevris (large earthenware vessels used for the fermentation and storage of wine in the ground).

In addition to the omnipresent Saperavi and Rkatsiteli (both from the traditional Georgian Qvevri and European style from stainless steel tanks), we had some more special varieties here. We especially liked the Pet Nat. Pet Nat is short for Petillant Naturel which means “naturally sparkling” in French. It refers to sparkling wines whose bubbles are the result of bottle fermentation.

Picture of Qvevri at Kerovani Winery
Qvevri at Kerovani Winery

3. Burjanadze Wine Cellar

Burjanadze Wine Cellar was the smallest of the three wineries we visited. They only produce 2000 bottles per year and you can rarely buy them outside of the winery, let alone the country. All of their wines are natural, without added yeast, sulfite, or sugar.

Upon arrival, the family's father greeted us in the garden, roasting the meat for our dinner on vines, the mother greeted us in the kitchen preparing a fresh traditional dessert.

We tasted Saperavi and Amber Wine (we were given the hard task of comparing the wines produced by our guide Bacho and his brother 😉) as well as my personal favourite, a Saperavi Tavkveri blend. Before dinner, we enjoyed a traditional Georgian glint wine.

This brings me to the highlight of our visit: The family supra or Georgian family feast. Our guide Bacho welcomed us into his home and his family where we shared an amazing dinner. All the home-cooked dishes were rich and delicious.

Bacho also acted as our tamada (toastmaster) and explained a lot about Georgian culture and traditions. The feast was frequently interrupted by the family making music. The polyphonic singing was extremely emotional - even without understanding the lyrics. Of course, an English song was thrown into the mix for all of us to participate.

This whole experience is beyond words and absolutely worth it if you get the chance.

Picture of Making music at Burjanadze Wine Cellar
Making music at Burjanadze Wine Cellar


We also made a quick pit stop in Signagi, the city of love. We took pictures from a viewpoint, roamed the cobblestone streets, and walked along the city wall for a bit. Did you know that at 4 kilometres long, the Signagi wall is among the longest in the world? We sure didn’t.

The short stop was perfect to create more space for more food and wine 😉

Picture of landscape

What Does the Signagi Wine Tour Include?

The Vines & Villages Signagi Tour – 1 Day Kakheti Food & Wine Tour includes.

  • Wine tastings (at least 10 types) as listed in the itinerary. Typically more than listed.
  • All food (4 to 6 course wine pairing menu lunch, traditional home-cooked dinner with free-flowing artisan wine, other snacks). Alternatives & vegetarian options by advanced request.
  • Soft drinks and bottled water.
  • Safe and expert driver-guide.
  • Modern, well-maintained vehicle, working seatbelts and aircon.
  • Pickup/drop-off at your Tbilisi accommodation.
  • Small group tours (up to 8 guests).
  • Entry fees to all locations.
  • Taxes & fees.
Picture of The wines we tasted at Burjanadze Wine Cellar
The wines we tasted at Burjanadze Wine Cellar

Who Should Book the Signagi Wine Tour

Obviously, this tour is the perfect choice for wine lovers.

Additionally, it is amazing if you want to immerse yourself in the Georgian culture. You’ll get invited into a Georgian family and can participate in a Georgian family feast which is a super unique experience.

Conclusion: Should You Book the Signagi Wine Tour?

Absolutely! This tour is very much worth the money!

Picture of Family supra at Burjanadze Wine Cellar
Family supra at Burjanadze Wine Cellar

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