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How to efficiently spend 5 days in Hong Kong.

On our recent Asia backpacking trip, we spent a couple of days in Hong Kong. This city is known for being notoriously expensive. We have done our best to compile a Hong Kong budget itinerary using only public transport and choosing affordable activities.

Hong Kong Itinerary for 5 Days

Hong Kong 5 Days Itinerary Map

We stayed at Urban Pack hostel. The location is perfect. They offer affordable dorms as well as private rooms.

Day 1 – Hong Kong Island

Morning – Central

Start your first day in Hong Kong in the heart of the city on Hong Kong Island. Statue Square with historical buildings like the Court of Final Appeal and modern buildings like the HSBC Building is a great starting point.

Don’t miss the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Evangelist when you’re in the area. It’s the seat of the Archbishop of Hong Kong.

Stroll along Queens Road to the Central Market which is not a market anymore but a place full of shops and eateries.

Take the escalators up the hill to Hollywood Street. Time Out magazine recently called Hollywood Street the second coolest street in the world – take some time to explore the art, shop, food, and drink options here.

If you’re looking for a proper market, you can check out Graham Street Market, one of the last authentic markets in Central Hong Kong. Otherwise, head on to Man Mo Tempel.

If you still have time and energy, you can explore the SoHo area and Tai Kwun, a cultural centre in an old prison that you can visit for free.

Bucketlist2life tip: If you cannot be bothered to do the research yourself, you can head on a free walking tour . We went on the Introduction of Hong Kong tour by Hong Kong Free Tours and can fully recommend it.
Picture of Statue Square Hong Kong
Statue Square Hong Kong


Tsim Chai Kee Noodle and Mak’s Noodle are two great lunch spots in the area.

Picture of Mak’s Noodle
Mak’s Noodle

Afternoon – Victoria Peak

In the afternoon, head to the highlight of Hong Kong, Victoria Peak. Most people take the tram but if you ask us, it’s too expensive and the view is not that great. We also had to wait for quite a long time. Next time, we would take the bus.

You’ll have a nice view from the rooftop terrace of the Peak Galleria. If you want more, we recommend you check out the Peak Circle Walk. You can either hike the whole thing which is 3.5 km (2 mi) or just walk to the viewpoint we have marked on the map because the skyline views don’t get better from this point on.

We even waited for sunset and enjoyed the city lights for a bit.

Picture of Victoria Peak
Victoria Peak

Day 2 – Kowloon and Tsim Sha Tsui

About 30 % of Hong Kong's 7.3 million inhabitants live in Kowloon, which covers an area of just under 47 km² (18 sq mi).

The best way to explore Kowloon is by a guided tour because you can get proper looks behind the scenes this way. The tour is run by the same company as the free walking tour we recommended earlier but unfortunately, it’s not free.

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If a guided tour is not your jam, here are some suggestions on what to explore on your own.

  • Take a stroll along the lively Nathan Road with its many shops.
  • Don’t miss Kowloon Mosque, one of the five main mosques in Hong Kong.
  • Say hi to the flamingos in Kowloon Park for us.
Picture of Kowloon


For lunch, head to the Michelin star Cheung Hing Kee Shanghai Pan Fried Buns.

Picture of Cheung Hing Kee Shanghai Pan Fried Buns
Cheung Hing Kee Shanghai Pan Fried Buns

Afternoon – Tsim Sha Tsui

We took our pan fried buns to the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and enjoyed them there.

While you’re at it, check out the Clock Tower and the Avenue of Stars with handprints of celebrities like Jackie Chan and a statue of Bruce Lee. The skyline views from this promenade are amazing.

The highlight is the laser show Symphony of Lights every day at 8 pm.

Many travel guides will recommend you to take a boat tour across Victoria Harbour. Taking the Star Ferry is by far the cheaper option (only 5 HKD) but it’s far from a hidden gem and will most likely be pretty crowded.

Bucketlist2life: We’re suckers for a good view so of course we had to check out the highest bar in the world OZONE at 490 m or 1,608 ft. Head there if you love a good view, too.
Picture of Avenue of Stars
Avenue of Stars

Day 3 – Temples and Markets

Morning – Monasteries

Start your day in our favourite monastery: The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. Maybe there are not quite 10,000 Buddhas but there are loads of them lining the way up the hill. Every of the golden Buddhas is different so walk along them with open eyes. At the top, you’re greeted by the actual monastery and some nice views across northern Hong Kong.

Afterwards, take the train to Wong-Tai-Sin-Temple. It’s home to three religions: Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism. It is dedicated to the famous monk Wong Tai Sin. With its five geomantic elements, the temple is both a scenic attraction and an important religious centre.

Bucketlist2life tip: If a travel guide tells you to go to a fortune teller – don’t. Unless maybe you speak Chinese. For us, it was an utter waste of money.

Next, take the train to Nan Lian Garden, a classical Chinese garden with a lake, a rockery, an artificial waterfall, and much more – and you can visit completely for free.

Nan Lian Garden is connected to Chi Lin Nunnery which was founded in 1934 as a retreat for Buddhist nuns. Don’t miss the beautiful lotus ponds on the grounds.

If you’re interested in architecture or photography, you can also head to the nearby Choi Hung Estate with its vibrantly coloured residential buildings.

Picture of Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery
Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery


There are a ton of street food options at the markets in Mong Kok.

Picture of Hong Kong bubble waffle
Hong Kong bubble waffle

Afternoon – Mong Kok Markets

A trip to Hong Kong wouldn’t be complete without the famous street markets of Mong Kok.

Ladies Market with clothes, accessories, and souvenirs might be the most famous one. There’s also

  • Flower Market
  • Goldfish Market
  • Sneakers Street

If you’re not tired of markets yet, head to Temple Street Night Market. It’s a market with all kinds of stuff as well as great street food options for dinner.

Picture of Ladies Market Hong Kong
Ladies Market Hong Kong

Day 4 – Lantau Island

Morning – Ngong Ping

Head to Tung Chung to take the cable car up the mountain to Ngong Ping Village. The cable car itself is a highlight as it’s the longest bi-cable ropeway in the whole of Asia.

Head to Tian Tan Buddha and enjoy the views of the surroundings.

Afterwards, explore Po Lin Monastery.

Picture of Ngong Ping Cable Car
Ngong Ping Cable Car


If you expect to find a traditional village Ngong Ping, you will be disappointed. There are tons of touristy shops and restaurants – even including a Subway.

You can either opt for food here or move on to Tai O Fishing Village for some extremely fresh seafood.

Picture of Ngong Ping Village
Ngong Ping Village

Afternoon – Tai O Fishing Village

You can hop on a direct bus from Ngong Ping to Tai O Village. It feels a lot more authentic than Ngong Ping although it’s not lacking tourist infrastructure. There are a ton of seafood restaurants, snack vendors, and shops.

You can wander the streets and explore some street art and temples. Our favourite part was the stilted houses. You can see them best from Sun Ki Bridge.

The walk to the old ferry pier is quite worthwhile.

You can also go on dolphin-watching boat tours but we have not found a single account of a person actually spotting a dolphin. Instead, we opted to take the public ferry back to Tai Chung. This felt like a sightseeing cruise in itself as we circled a large part of Lantau Island and could enjoy stunning coastal views – all while paying just a small fee with our Octopus Card.

Bucketlist2life tip: Neither the bus from Ngong Ping to Tai O nor the boat from Tai O to Tung Chung run super frequently so check the times in advance if you want to avoid long waits.
Picture of Tai O Fishing Village
Tai O Fishing Village

Day 5 – Day Trip of Your Choice

There are too many day trip options for us to commit to just one. Our top three suggestions are:

  1. Macau
  2. Hong Kong Disneyland
  3. Lamma Island with its nice beaches.

All options are very different so it’s up to you to choose.

Picture of Bridge connecting Hong Kong and Macau
Bridge connecting Hong Kong and Macau

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