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33 Things to Do in Gyumri Armenia With Map

Author Carina Klein
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Our favourite things to do in Gyumri Armenia. Including a map so you can go on a self guided walking tour!

If you’re wondering what to do in Gyumri, Armenia, don’t worry. We fell in love with Armenia’s second-largest city and have compiled this handy Gyumri guide for you!

33 Amazing Things to Do in Gyumri

Gyumri Churches

1. All Saviors Church

The most distinguishing feature of Gyumri is the colourful tuff stone buildings amongst which the black churches stand out the most.

All Saviors Church or Amenaprkich with its black and orange exterior is super unique. It was built in 1858 based on the designs of the famous Armenian architect Tadeos Andikyan but was subsequently severely hit by the earthquake of 1988.

Picture of St. All Saviors Church Gyumri
St. All Saviors Church Gyumri

2. Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God

The Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God or Yot Verk Church (Seven Wounds Church) is the main church of Gyumri.

It features the same black tuff exterior as All Saviors Church but it also has a super unique interior. Keep your eyes open for the different nooks where different religions prayed – you can even find a catholic cross in one of them!

Picture of Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God Gyumri
Cathedral of the Holy Mother of God Gyumri

3. Cathedral of the Holy Martyrs

Gyumri’s main catholic church is worth a quick pit stop. It is very young and was only consecrated in 2015.

Gyumri Art

4. Varem Merem Art Studio

Built in a converted parking space, you can nowadays admire art hear. You can either just browse around, shop for souvenirs, or attend a workshop. The owners are incredibly hospitable.

5. Coffee Window

You don’t have to go to the Instagram-famous Kvarts Coffee in Tbilisi to get your picture drawn on a coffee cup. You can do the same in Gyurmi! We can confirm that the coffee is tasty – plus the artist is super sweet.

Picture of Coffee Window Gyumri
Coffee Window Gyumri

6. Balcony from "Our Childhood Tango”

Directly on the other side of the road of Varem Merem Art Studio and the Coffee Window is the balcony from the famous Soviet movie "Tango of My Childhood". Nowadays it’s decorated with pictures from the film.

7. Leo Art Studios

Gyumri is full of art studios. We were drawn into Leo Art Studios by the artwork of a giant lion. Inside, we were amazed to find a lot of art made from clay. You can either just admire the art, buy some souvenirs, or attend a masterclass.

Picture of Leo Art Studios Gyumri
Leo Art Studios Gyumri

8. Street Art

If you keep your eyes open, you can find street art everywhere around Gyumri. We especially liked this piece (marked on the map) because it is very unassuming at first glimpse. If you look closer, you can see that the house looks stitched. We have never seen something like this and found the idea very cool.

Picture of Street Art Gyumri
Street Art Gyumri

9. Berlin ART Hotel

Berlin ART Hotel is not only the best (and most obvious) accommodation option for art lovers as it really is full of art. They have changing exhibitions as well as frequent vernissages.

It is also your best option in town if you want to book guided tours both in Gyurmi as well as the surrounding area.

Bucketlist2life fun fact: We met the lovely owner who is the honorary consul of Germany and speaks perfect German.

Gyumri Views

10. Central Park

At Gyurmi Central Park you can go for a leisurely stroll and admire statues of famous locals. In summer, you’ll get the best view of the city from the Ferris wheel. In winter the wheel is closed but you can still get a great view from the viewing platform.

Picture of View from Gyumri Central Park
View from Gyumri Central Park

11. Black Fortress

The Black Fortress or Sev Berd is an abandoned Russian imperial fortress. The fortress, which lies 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) from the Turkish border, was built on top of a hill in 1834. It is a 360-degree round structure made of black stone, from which it gets its name.

Theoretically, visitors should be able to enter every day but it was closed on the day of our visit.

12. Mother of Armenia

The monumental statue is a female personification of Armenia. It was erected in 1975 on a hill west of Gyumri city from which you have a nice view of the surroundings.

Make sure to check out the backside of the statue which faces Turkey to see the different vibe between the back and the front which faces Gyumri.

Picture of Mother of Armenia Gyumri
Mother of Armenia Gyumri

Gyumri Firsts

13. Armenia’s First Barber Shop

There are a lot of firsts in Gyumri. We loved the first barber shop Lux Barber Shop. It’s men only but the owner is super kind and will probably allow you to have a look around if you ask nicely.

Picture of Armenia’s First Barber Shop
Armenia’s First Barber Shop

14. Armenia’s First Pharmacy

The first pharmacy in Gyumri was built in 1868 and still operates today. Locals commented “Finally, we have our own pharmacy, we won’t have to order medicine from Tbilisi any more.”

Nowadays, it looks like a typical pharmacy but it’s cool to know the history of the shop!

15. Armenia’s First Opera

In 1912, Gyumri was home to the first opera show ever staged in Armenia. Anoush is a five-act opera composed by Armen Tigranian. The opera is about a peasant girl (Anoush) whose short love affair ends in death because of a conflict between her lover and her brother.

In 1923, the first Armenian opera theatre was opened in Gyumri.

Picture of Armenia’s First Opera
Armenia’s First Opera

Gyumri Museums

Often dubbed the Armenian Frida Kahlo, the Gallery of Mariam and Eranuhi Aslamazyan Sisters is home to more than 700 drawings, paintings, and other works of the Aslamazyan sisters who were Soviet-era artists.

There is enough English information to make a visit worthwhile.

Picture of The Gallery of Mariam and Eranuhi Aslamazyan Sisters
The Gallery of Mariam and Eranuhi Aslamazyan Sisters

17. Museum of National Architecture and Urban Life

The Dzitoghtsyan Museum of Social Life and National Architecture of Gyumri is an old mansion, housing collections related to both history and the everyday life of Gyumri, as well as paintings and other works of art.

There is enough English information to make a visit worthwhile.

18. Hovhannes Shiraz Home and Museum

The Hovhannes Shiraz House Museum is one of the many house museums in Gyumri. It was opened in 2003. The museum is devoted to the exhibition and preservation of the Armenian poet Hovhannes Shiraz's personal belongings, manuscripts and works.

Picture of Hovhannes Shiraz Home and Museum
Hovhannes Shiraz Home and Museum

Gyumri Streets and Squares

19. Abovyan Street

Abovyan Street might be considered the main street of Gyumri. You can find many important landmarks like the Stepan Alikhanyan Puppet Theater and the Gallery of Mariam and Eranuhi Aslamazyan Sisters on this street.

Picture of Abovyan Street Gyumri
Abovyan Street Gyumri

20. Rizhkov Street

Like any good pedestrian street, Rizhkov Street is lined with shops and cafes.

Picture of Rizhkov Street Gyurmi
Rizhkov Street Gyurmi

21. Vardanants Square

Vardanants Square is the heart of Gyumri. Here, you can find the two main churches, the city hall, and the memorial to the Battle of Avarayr.

22. Independence Square

Independence Square or Ankakhutyan Square is the second largest square of the city.

It literally has the shape of a square and was completed during the 1940s. It is mainly occupied by a large park, centred with the statue of the Armenian Girl raising a cross, commemorating the victims of the 1988 Armenian earthquake.

Gumri Food

23. Gyumri Market (Shuka)

The market (shuka) is one of the largest in Armenia. It is crammed with stalls selling fruit and vegetables, freshly ground coffee, cheeses and meats, bread, and much more.

Picture of Gyumri Market (Shuka)
Gyumri Market (Shuka)

24. Aregak Bakery and Café

Aregak Bakery and Café is the first inclusive bakery and cafe in Gyumri. They employ both youth with disabilities and mothers of youth with disabilities. They serve European-style drinks and snacks.

25. Ponchik Monchik

As the name says, Ponchik Monchik is famous for its Armenian doughnuts called Ponchik. We found them delicious!

Picture of Ponchik Monchik
Ponchik Monchik

26. Gwoog

Gwoog is easily the best restaurant in Gyumri. They specialise in local, organic ingredients. The family-owned restaurant is run by Hamlet Gevorkian and his wife, Eliza. Here, you can expect a high level of hospitality and customer service.

27. Gyumri Brewery

Gyumri Brewery produces the famous Gyumri beer. Theoretically, there should be guided tours but we don’t know if they are still running.

Things to Do in Gyumri

28. Stepan Alikhanyan Puppet Theater

Formed in 1935, this is the oldest puppet theatre in Armenia. You can either watch a play with the decades-old puppets or book a free tour (currently only in Armenian or Russian).

29. Zanan Cultural Center

We have not visited Zanan Cultural Center ourselves but this place sounds super interesting. You can learn about traditional Armenian costumes called taraz in a historic 19th-century building.

You can book a photo shoot in a Taraz and take calligraphy masterclasses here.

30. Go on a Walking Tour

Currently, free walking tours in Gyumri only take place on the weekends. At Berlin ART Hotel, you can book a paid tour which we can 100% recommend.

31. Look for Gyumri’s most Famous Dog

Aslan is without a doubt Gyumri’s most famous dog. He does not only have an Instagram account, but he also has his own merch. Keep your eyes open and you’ll see him around town.

Picture of Gyumri’s most Famous Dog
Gyumri’s most Famous Dog

Gyumri Transport

32. Gyumri Railway Station

Gyumri railway station is the oldest railway station in Armenia. It was built in 1897.

The current building was constructed in 1979. It was designed by local architect Rafik Yeghoyan. Its features echo medieval Armenian architecture, particularly in the entrance hall – keep an eye open for the chandelier!

33. Gyumri Bus Station

Gyumri bus station is nothing special but it’s the spot you can’t avoid if you want to continue your journey from Gyumri by bus.

Picture of Gyumri Bus Station
Gyumri Bus Station

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