Tiananmen Square Beijing – How to Get Free Access (2024)

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As of 2024, the only method to get free access to Tiananmen Square is by a Chinese WeChat mini-program.

You can’t visit Tiananmen Square in Beijing without prior registration. Currently, the only official way to register is via a Chinese WeChat mini-program. Here’s how we managed to get access to the square.

Tiananmen Square Beijing – How to Get Access

How Getting to Tiananmen Square Does Not Work

When we visited Beijing, we read that you could visit Tiananmen Square with a ticket for one of the neighbouring sites (Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao, Great Hall of the People, Forbidden City). As we had a ticket for the Forbidden City, we decided to go to Tiananmen Square and try our luck.

Let us tell you: For us, this rumour did not prove true.

Picture of Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao
Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao

How Getting to Tiananmen Square Does Work

How it did work for us was via the Chinese WeChat mini-program. Search for “天安门广场预约参观”.

As we were already at the square's entrance, we found Chinese staff helping us book our ticket.

The ticket for Tiananmen Square is free.

Unfortunately, you can absolutely not get access on the same day so we had to come back the next day.

Picture of Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square

Getting to Tiananmen Square without Speaking Chinese

If you don’t speak any Chinese and you can’t be bothered dealing with the Chinese WeChat mini-program, you can use an English registration service. The price you pay for the convenience is not excessive if you ask us.

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Getting Close to Tiananmen Square

We have met a crafty backpacker who just hopped on a bus that rode along Tiananmen Square when they couldn’t get a ticket so that’s always an option 😉

Tiananmen Square Beijing – Other Sights

Forbidden City

The most famous sight around Tiananmen Square is the Palace Museum or Forbidden City. We have written a whole blogpost on how to gain entrance.

Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao

Entrance to the Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao is free but you need to register at least one day in advance via a Chinese WeChat mini-program.

Great Hall of the People

The Great Hall of the People is one of the most symbolic buildings in Beijing. It serves as a reception venue for state guests and as a venue for national celebrations.

The admission fee is 30 RMB.

Booking via WeChat mini-program opens each day at 5 pm for the third day ahead.

National Museum of China

Entrance to the National Museum of China is free but you guessed it: You have to make reservations via the Chinese WeChat mini-program 1-7 days in advance.

Picture of WeChat mini-program to gain access to the Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao
WeChat mini-program to gain access to the Memorial Hall of Chairman Mao

Getting to Tiananmen Square – The Logistics


There are several entry and exit points to Tiananmen Square, including the Tiananmen East and West subway stations.


Security, bag, and passport checks are thorough. Prepare to wait in line for a while.

Bucketlist2life tip: Your passport is your entrance ticket!

Opening Hours

Tiananmen Square is open every day from 05:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Picture of Tiananmen Square security check
Tiananmen Square security check

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