DIY Xingping Day Trip from Yangshuo (+ Map)

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We went on an amazing, budget-friendly day trip from Yangshuo to Xingping.

Xingping and Yangshuo are two of the highlights in the Guilin area.

Many travellers wonder: Should you visit Xingping or Yangshuo? We say: Stay in Yangshuo and go on a day trip to Xingping. Yangshuo is bigger with more infrastructure but the scenic Xingping historical town is absolutely worth a visit.

Xingping Travel Guide

Xingping Map

Is Xingping Worth Visiting

Xingping is absolutely worth a visit for two reasons:

  1. The old town which was the largest town along the Li River in ancient times.
  2. The stunning scenery with picturesque karst mountains along the Li River.
Picture of Xingping Ancient Town
Xingping Ancient Town

How to Get to Xingping from Yangshuo

We took the bus from Yangshuo bus station to Xingping bus station (we have marked both spots on the map). The ride took around 45 minutes and cost 15 RMB. We could pay with WeChat/Alipay or cash either at the ticket counter in the station or on the bus.

The signs in Yangshuo were in English and Chinese and the bus station staff spoke enough English to communicate.

Buses leave super frequently. We didn’t find any schedule so we just rocked up to the bus station and could immediately board a bus.

Xingping bus station was a bit less straightforward. Fortunately, the bus attendant spotted us and directed us to the right bus.

Bucketlist2life tip: You can also take a boat on the Li River between Xingping and Yangshuo. When we went to the dock, the situation was a bit chaotic and we didn’t see any English information. Hence we opted for the more budget-friendly option and also took the bus back.
Picture of Yangshuo bus station with bus to Xingping
Yangshuo bus station with bus to Xingping

How to Get Around Xingping

Xingping is a small town. You can easily walk to all the main sights.

If you want to head further out, you can also rent a bicycle.

What to Do in Xingping in 1 Day

Xingping Ancient Town

The old street in the town centre is a major tourist draw. It is a 1 km ( 0.6 mi) long stone street lined with old brick buildings and assembly halls. Nowadays, it’s filled with restaurants and shops.

You can also find the Xingping Treasures Museum which is a nice little pit stop with free entry.

Picture of Xingping Treasures Museum
Xingping Treasures Museum

20 Yuan View Point

Visiting the landscape which inspired the 20 RMB note is a must-do in Xingping.

Don’t be like us and expect a scenic riverside walk though. You’ll find several viewpoints along the narrow but busy road.

Picture of 20 Yuan View Point
20 Yuan View Point

Xingping Photo Shooting

Everybody and their mom seem to do a photo shoot in Xingping. You can either rent a traditional Chinese outfit and model yourself or hire a guy to be the model for you.

Bucketlist2life tip: We had seen plenty of stunning pictures of traditional-looking Chinese fishermen with their cormorants on bamboo rafts. We were quite disappointed to learn that this is nothing but a very unromantic business transaction.
Picture of Model fisherman in Xingping waiting for his next photoshoot
Model fisherman in Xingping waiting for his next photoshoot

Laozhai Hill

If you want to do a hike, Laozhai Hill is a great choice. It’s located near the centre of town. You can see the curve of the Li River in the foreground and the karst mountains in the background.

The hike takes around 45 minutes and is mostly steps. Towards the end, it gets steeper and you have to climb a ladder.

To get to the highest point, you have to climb over some rather sketchy rocks.

Bucketlist2life tip: If you want nice views without a strenuous hike, you can check out the viewpoint at the foot of Laozhai Hill we have marked on our map.
Picture of Laozhai Hill Xingping
Laozhai Hill Xingping

What to Eat in Xingping

There are countless food places in the old town area of Xingping.

We think that when you’re in the Guilin area, you must eat Guilin rice noodles. We had them at Shanwei Rice Noodle (marked on the map). Value for money was great and you can add your own broth and toppings.

Picture of Guilin rice noodles
Guilin rice noodles

Are there Public Toilets in Xingping

Yes, there are public toilets in Xingping. We have marked one on our map.

Are there ATMs in Xingping

At the time of our visit, there were no ATMs in Xingping. Like everywhere in China, WeChat and Alipay are accepted everywhere. We still recommend you bring some cash just in case.

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