Yangshuo Yulong River Bamboo Rafting Travel Guide (+ Map)

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Our experience rafting down the Yulong River in Yangshuo, China.

Bamboo rafting is one of the best things to do in Yangshuo. Firstly, we tell you everything you need to know about the rafting. Secondly, we tell you about our experience with bamboo rating on the Yulong River.

Bamboo Rafting Yangshuo Travel Guide

Yangshuo Bamboo Raft Map

Bamboo Rafting Yulong River Vs. Li River

Here are the main differences between bamboo rafting onthe Yulong River and the Li River:

Bamboo Rafting Yulong River Rafts

Bamboo Rafting Li River Rafts

Hand-operated bamboo rafts.

Motor-operated plastic rafts.

Bamboo Rafting Yulong River Highlights

Bamboo Rafting Li River Highlights

Ancient bridges, villages, countryside.

Nine Horses Mural, 20 RMB note viewpoint, Yellow Cloth Shoal.

Bamboo Rafting Yulong River No. of Passengers

Bamboo Rafting Li River No. of Passengers

2 per raft.

4 per raft.

Bamboo Rafting Yulong River Speed

Bamboo Rafting Li River Speed

Slow current.

Fast current.

Bamboo Rafting Yulong River Dams/Rapids

Bamboo Rafting Li River Dams/Rapids



Bamboo Rafting Yulong River Conclusion

Bamboo Rafting Li River Conclusion

Except for the dams/rapids, rafting on the Yulong River is a much more relaxing experience.

Bamboo rafting on Li River is more of a sightseeing experience. You can cover much more ground with the motorised rafts.

Picture of Dam/Rapid on Yulong River
Dam/Rapid on Yulong River

Bamboo Rafting Yulong River Routes

There are three main rafting routes on the Yulong River. We have marked all docks on our map.

1. From Dragon Bridge/Yulong Bridge to Jiu Xian Village

This tour covers the northern part of the Yulong River. If you ask us, the highlight is the Yulong Bridge right at the beginning. Along the way, you’ll ride past the beautiful countryside with its farmlands.

Length: 6 km (3.5 mi)

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: 320 RMB/raft (for 2 people)

Dams: 9

2. From Jima/Horseriding Dock to Gongnong Bridge

This tour covers the southern part of the Yulong River. The route is more popular as the dock is closer to Yangshuo town.

Length: 6 km (3.5 mi)

Duration: 90 minutes

Price: 320 RMB/raft (for 2 people)

Dams: 9

3. From Shuiedi Dock to Gongnong Bridge

This tour route is the shorter version of route 2 as well as the most popular route in Yangshuo.

Length: 3 km (1.8 mi)

Duration: 50 minutes

Price: 200 RMB/raft (for 2 people)

Picture of Bamboo Rafting Yulong River
Bamboo Rafting Yulong River

How to Get to the Docks

Your three main options to get from Yangshuo to the bamboo rafting docks are:

  1. Bicycle.
  2. DiDi.
  3. Shared Golf Cart Transfers.

We had read about sightseeing buses online but could not find any during our visit in 2024.

We took the bicycle to Jima Dock as well as Yulong Bridge Dock and loved both routes. The ride felt like a sightseeing trip in itself. Here are the bike times for the different docks:

  1. Yulong Bridge Dock: 1 hour biking from West Street.
  2. Jima Dock: 35 minutes biking from West Street.
  3. Shuiedi Dock: 45 minutes biking from West Street.
Picture of Jima/Horseriding Dock Yangshuo
Jima/Horseriding Dock Yangshuo

How to Get Back from the Docks

When you arrive at Gongnong Bridge Dock, shared golf carts wait for you to transfer you back to your starting point – in our case our bicycles.

We paid 10 RMB. The cart stopped first at Shuiedi Dock and drove further to Jima Dock.

Picture of Yangshuo Gongnong Bridge Ferry Transfer Centre
Yangshuo Gongnong Bridge Ferry Transfer Centre

Yangshuo Bamboo Rafting from Jima Dock – Our Experience

We chose to go from Jima Dock/Horseriding Dock because it was

  1. Recommended by our hostel.
  2. The closest from our hostel.

From now on, we are going to talk about our experience with bamboo rafting from Jima Dock.

Buying Tickets for Yangshuo Bamboo Rafting

To be honest, this process was slightly confusing so we decided to take you through it real quick:

There’s only one option at Jima/Horseriding Dock which is going to Gongnong Bridge/Comprehensive Wharf.

We got in line for the tickets, were asked some slightly intrusive questions about our weight and pregnancy status via a translation app, paid, and got a waiting number.

Afterwards, we proceeded towards the actual dock. We had to wait a while for an available raft and guide. The numbers were shouted only in Chinese but eventually, we managed to get on a boat.

Bucketlist2life tip: Your passport acts as your ticket. Bring it!

How Much Does the Bamboo Rafting Cost?

The price per raft is 320 RMB – it doesn’t matter if you’re one or two people. You can pay with WeChat/Alipay or cash.

Picture of Ticket information at Jima/Horseriding Dock
Ticket information at Jima/Horseriding Dock

What to Expect Bamboo Rafting Yangshuo

Here are some more things we would have liked to know before going on the raft:

  • Life jackets are mandatory.
  • There is no shade – apply sunscreen!
  • The dams/rapids were more adventurous than we expected. You sit on a metal bench which is tied to the raft. Going down the rapids, you have to lift your feet so your shoes don’t get wet.
  • You might get a bit wet – especially if you’re a heavy foreigner.
Picture of Bamboo Rafting Yangshuo
Bamboo Rafting Yangshuo

Jima Dock Facilities

Are there Toilets at Jima Dock?

Yes, there’s a public restroom but to be honest, it wasn’t the cleanest.

Food and Drinks at Jima Dock

At the time of our visit, we couldn’t buy any food and drinks directly at the dock.

There are loads of food options in Chao Yang. Additionally, there are some nice chill-out spots with snacks and drinks along the Yulong River (we have marked our favourite one on our map).

Picture of Coffee with a view of the Yulong River
Coffee with a view of the Yulong River

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