German bloggers share their favorite spots in Germany – all outdoors and socially distant! (Part 3)

Author Carina Klein
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We asked German travel bloggers for their recommendations on Covid-friendly, off-the-beaten path destinations. Part 3: Eastern Germany – Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

We are bursting with anticipation for travel to start again soon. We plan to travel in Germany as soon as possible and we want to be prepared. So we asked insiders from all over Germany to tell us their favorite spots in their home region - everything being outdoors and socially distant!

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – Göhren on Rügen

Lisa – Travellerin

I'm Lisa and I started my travel blog Travellerin in August 2019 when I went on a world trip. Back in Germany, I want to show the beauties and everyday adventures right on our doorstep and encourage women to travel alone. Born and raised on Rügen, I consider myself an expert on traveling on the island.

Do you know which island is the largest in Germany? With a 926 km² area, it is Rügen - far up in the north of Germany, in the Baltic Sea. One of the most beautiful regions on Rügen is the „Halbinsel Mönchgut". On the eastern tip of the island, the clocks beat even slower. Wide, natural beaches invite you to swim, and the flat, wide land to extensive bicycle tours.

A great base for your Rügen vacation is „Göhren". Due to its location at the easternmost point of Rügen, the „Kap Nordperd", Göhren has two wonderful beaches. Göhren can be easily explored on foot within half a day - and this is best done after a stormy day. Because then, with a little luck, you will find the „gold of the Baltic Sea": amber - a yellow gemstone made of fossil resin.

If you have seen everything of Göhren, then it's time to discover the „Halbinsel Mönchgut" by bike. Mönchgut is a bit „the original Rügen": Deeply cut bays, cliffs, sandy beaches, wide fields, and fragrant coniferous trees right by the sea. Everywhere still resonates the charm of the traditional time of the „Mönchguter" fishermen.

My tip: Cycle from Göhren via Lobbe to Thiessow and Klein Zicker. Pass bright poppy and rapeseed fields as well as romantic-looking thatched roofs. Stopovers that are worthwhile: The small harbor in Gager (here you can sleep in a houseboat!), the village of Thiessow, the fishermen's smokehouse Dumrath near Groß Zicker, and of course the long beach path on the east side.

Picture of the Nordstrand
Nordstrand, Göhren

Berlin - Teufelsberg

The Teufelsberg or Devil's Mountain is one of the many debris hills in Berlin. It is a man-made hill out of debris from World War II and with 120m (394 ft) above sea level the second highest elevation in Berlin. You have a great view over the Grunewald forest and western Berlin with the Funkturm (the West Berlin TV Tower). As the area belonged to West Berlin during the Cold War, there is an old U.S. listening station on the hill.

The hill is easy to reach by foot from the train stations Grunewald or Heerstraße via a walk through the beautiful Grunewald, which also boasts lakes and sand dunes to relax in summer and hence makes for a great day trip in itself. The steep road up the hill is used by mountain bikers and skateboarders in summer as well as tobogganers and snowboarders in winter. You can enter the area of the old listening station for a small fee. Here, you can have cool drinks, listen to some music, admire the incredible street art all around and soak in the views.

Picture of the Teufelsberg in Berlin
Teufelsberg, Berlin

Brandenburg - Wiesenburg

In the middle of the natural preserve “Hoher Fläming” is located the village Wiesenburg. If you take one of the many hiking trails, such as the certified art trail, you will see the church and castle tower from afar, which tell you about this historic gem. A walk through the village reveals the full beauty of its historic center. Lovingly restored half-timbered houses line up and lead directly to its center: the castle. But the jewel is undoubtedly the castle park. The park is the most important work of landscape art between Potsdam's Sanssouci Park and the Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Kingdom. The parterre, elaborately designed in the 19th century, with its curved carpets of flowers below the palace, is a real eye-catcher - unique in eastern Germany. Behind it stretches a large landscape park that merges into an enchanted forest park. Several visual axes in the park provide repeated views of the castle, church, and forester's lodge. A lovely place for walks and excursions.

Picture of Wiesenburg castle, Brandenburg
Wiesenburg castle, Brandenburg

Saxony-Anhalt – Harz mountains

Peter – Wild East Blog

Peter is from the East of Germany and has now moved even further East to Ukraine and runs a tour business and a blog. He still loves to visit and write about his home region and tells all foreigners to visit someday.

The Harz is one of the most beautiful regions in Germany and despite its many German visitors, foreigners are still a rare sight here. That's a pity because in beautiful medieval towns like Quedlinburg you can't just see how the middle ages looked like, you can actually experience it on tours and by visiting one of the many half-timbered houses. One can only wonder why the UNESCO sites here don't get as much attention as similar ones in the West of Germany. From Quedlinburg, you can also take a trip with the narrow gauge railways of the Harzer Schmalspurbahnen. There are different routes. Quedlinburg is at the end of the Selketalbahn which crosses a picturesque river valley. With one change it's also possible to visit the mountain Brocken, which is the highest mountain in the Northern part of Germany and from which you have a fantastic view of up to 100 kilometers. After your day trip, you can try local beers and other specialities in the many restaurants and cafes of Quedlinburg. One cafe is even in a block of seven buildings. You just gotta love the Harz!

Picture of cobblestone street in Quedlinburg, Harz
Quedlinburg, Harz

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John Quinn

13.04.2021, 01:09

More top quality additions to the list. I’ve never heard oh the Harz, but it looks like a place that needs to get on my horizon.

Carina | Bucketlist2Life

13.04.2021, 22:04

The Harz mountains are so overlooked! I've been there countless times because it's the closest proper elevation to Berlin and they offer everything from nature to cute little towns!

Tiffany Pence

12.04.2021, 01:09

I lived in Germany as a kid, and would love to go back and show my husband around. THis post mentions places I did not know about, but they really intrigue me! Thanks for rounding up these local recommendations!

Tiffany Pence wants to share this link with you

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Carina | Bucketlist2Life

12.04.2021, 11:42

Thank you for your feedback! I'm always happy to introduce new places to people!


10.04.2021, 13:31

Hallo ihr Lieben,

da sind doch schöne Tipps rumgekommen. Von Quedlinburg habe ich schon soo oft gehört, wie hübsch es dort ist. Da muss ich unbedingt mal hin! Danke, dass ich dabei sein durfte :)
Liebe Grüße Lisa von Travellerin.de

Carina | Bucketlist2Life

10.04.2021, 18:31

Vielen Dank für deinen tollen Beitrag! Wir waren schon mehrfach selbst in Quedlinburg und die Stadt ist echt zauberhaft.

Stefan (BerkeleySqB)

09.04.2021, 13:47

Another great instalment of the collaboration with German bloggers, love it. Also, what...!!?? I lived in Berlin for more than two years and had not been aware that Teufelsberg was made form WWII debris or that it is the second highest elevation in Berlin. I believe I've been on top of it though, physically, not mentally obviously haha...

Stefan (BerkeleySqB) wants to share this link with you

Berkeley Square Barbarian

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Carina | Bucketlist2Life

10.04.2021, 18:30

It's crazy how you sometimes first visit places and learn about their background later!


08.04.2021, 01:19

I love learning about the different parts of Germany! I definitely need to go back and explore more.

Carina | Bucketlist2Life

08.04.2021, 13:01

Thank you! It would be great to have the possibility to explore more of Germany in the near future!


07.04.2021, 15:58

This is a great way to explore local areas around Germany and to have insiders recommend places to safely travel to and visit is such a treat - for the mind and soul.

Jan wants to share this link with you

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Carina | Bucketlist2Life

07.04.2021, 16:17

Thank you! It's so true: being outdoors it's good for the mind and soul :)


06.04.2021, 23:42

I never would have pixtured that beautiful, white sandy beach in Germany!

Thanks for sharing such insider places to go :)
Look forward to the final part.

Hannah wants to share this link with you

Sage Adventures

Sage Adventures - Journey wisely through life

Journey wisely through life

Carina | Bucketlist2Life

07.04.2021, 11:19

Thank you! Germany actually had quite a lot of great beaches at both the North Sea and the Baltic Sea!


06.04.2021, 22:00

I love Berlin so I’m definitely going to add Teufelsberg to my list when I next visit - it sounds so interesting.

Carina | Bucketlist2Life

06.04.2021, 22:58

I'd recommend everyone to add it to their Berlin bucketlist because it captures Berlins vibe while still being away from the hustle and bustle!

Chalk and cheese travels

06.04.2021, 21:30

Keep them coming guys we will have so many places to see when we go. Great series cant wait for number 4

Chalk and cheese travels wants to share this link with you

Chalk & Cheese Travels

Lough Key Forest Park, Roscommon, Ireland

Lough Key Forest Park is a beautiful activity park in county Roscommon, enjoy a walk and get some fresh air, certainly worth a visit

Carina | Bucketlist2Life

06.04.2021, 21:32

Thank you so much. No 4 is ready and waiting to go out on Saturday, the 10th of April!

Jen Nilsson

06.04.2021, 20:40

Debris hills? I had no idea. I love Berlin so much and enjoy WWII history as well (is "enjoy" the right word?) I will definitely go back for this.

Carina | Bucketlist2Life

06.04.2021, 20:45

Haha I never know which terminology to use with these topics without sounding creepy (especially being German). This comment section strongly suggests that a debris hill blogpost might be necessary!

Steven Jepson

06.04.2021, 19:58

I'm glad to learn about The Harz. I love the idea of visiting UNESCO sites that aren't overrun with tourist. Plus a 120m hill made from World War II debris? Wow?

Steven Jepson wants to share this link with you

The Thorough Tripper

Thorough Practical Experiential Travel

Carina | Bucketlist2Life

06.04.2021, 20:38

Germany has a total of 44 UNESCO sites so you'll always find one for yourself! As a Berliner, debris hills are so normal that I find it intriguing that many people seem find them remarkable...


06.04.2021, 18:03

I love the continuation of your 'local stories of Germany'. We can learn so much from listening to the locals and not relying on books and general travel recommendations. Awesome idea to collaborate like this!

SteveH wants to share this link with you

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Carina | Bucketlist2Life

06.04.2021, 18:11

It's so crazy that even I learn so many new things about Germany although I've lived here my whole life. And even about areas I know and visited before...

Smalltownplussize Tom

06.04.2021, 15:55

The WW2 debris hill is interesting and I never realized these existed. Next time we’re in Germany we’ll have to visit the north beaches! Carina, I enjoy reading your collaboration articles about Germany.

Carina | Bucketlist2Life

06.04.2021, 16:08

They are all over Berlin and form some of the highest elevations in the area! Many of them make excellent viewpoints. I'm missing the German beaches a lot...

Lannie Travels

06.04.2021, 14:18

Rugen sounds really interesting. You never think of places like Germany having islands. It’s nice to read about places we don’t normally hear about!

Carina | Bucketlist2Life

06.04.2021, 14:50

There are just some countries you don't think about as island destinations but the German islands are beautiful!

Jason Reid

06.04.2021, 14:14

What a wonderful read. I've been to Germany many times but most of my trips have been to either West Germany or Bavaria, I haven't really seen much of the East with the exception of Berlin. I'll have to add these to my list as it seems there's plenty to enjoy on that side of the country too :)

Jason Reid wants to share this link with you

Jason likes to travel

A blog based around the life of a 32 year old Englishman in love with traveling!

Carina | Bucketlist2Life

06.04.2021, 14:22

Many tourists tend to check out the south (maybe because it's the quintessential pop culture Germany) but the north and the east often get overlooked. They are so diffrent from the south that traveling to southern Germany can feel very exotic for me (coming from northern Germany).


05.04.2021, 18:12

These are really great tips. Thank you .
Best regards Tanja

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Carina | Bucketlist2Life

06.04.2021, 14:51

Thank you, Tanja. Looking forward to publish your part next week ;)