20 day trips from Berlin - by regional train (0-1 change, 0.5-4 hours), tested by locals

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Looking for the best day trips from Berlin by train? We have personally tested the best places to visit near Berlin by regional train with a maximum of 4 hours ride and 1 change of train - including the best cities near Berlin as well as the best nature spots. Of course, you can always spend the night to turn your Berlin day trip into a weekend trip from Berlin.

We have used the 9 Euro Ticket extensively and have found great destinations for a day trip from Berlin. Whether you are looking for one day trips from Berlin or weekend trips from Berlin, our local travel guide has got you covered. We include how easy it is to get to our Berlin day trip destinations by local train, a map, as well as the best things to do on your day trip or weekend getaway from Berlin.

Check out bahn.de for the current schedules and make sure to check local transport only for the best rates.

The best day trips from Berlin, sorted by length

Less than 1 hour train ride from Berlin

1. Day trip from Berlin to Potsdam

Berlin to Potsdam by train: 23 min, no change of trains

Only 30 km (18 mi) away from Berlin central station, you can find the capital German  state of Brandenburg. The city of Potsdam is with around 183,000 inhabitants largest city in Brandenburg as well. There are enough things for you to do to easily spend two days here.

Best things to do on a day trip to Potsdam

  • Visit all the castles. Of course, Sanssouci is the highlight but if you’re really into castles, you can visit around 30 in the area. One of our personal favourites is the Belvedere.
  • For movie enthusiasts, Filmpark Babelsberg is a must-visit. It’s a film-themed amusement with over 20 film-specific attractions, shows, a 4D theatre, and original sets.
  • Take a stroll through the city centre with the pedestrian street, Potsdam’s very own Brandenburg Gate, the St. Nikola church, as well as one of our favourite museums in the Berlin area, the Barberini museum.
  • Go on a boat tour on the Havel or one of the many lakes.
  • Visit the Russian Colony for traditional wooden houses and authentic Russian food.
  • Explore the dutch quarter with its 134 brick houses and the best cheesecake you’ll have in your life.
Picture of Potsdam
Day trip to Potsdam

2. Day trip from Berlin to Werder

Berlin to Werder by train: 45 min, no change of trains

The best time to visit Werder is during the tree blossoms in spring. The small town is most famous for hosting the Baumblütenfest (tree blossom celebration), the biggest folk festival in eastern Germany.

Best things to do on a day trip to Werder

  • Visit the Baumblütenfest (tree blossom celebration). Every year in spring, you can enjoy the beauty of the blossoms, taste local fruit wines, and try different rides.
  • Explore the old town, which is located on an island! Stroll the cobblestone streets, visit the market square or walk around the island on the lakefront promenade.
  • Go on a boat tour on the Havel and beyond. You can either choose a cruise or rent your own small boat to explore.
  • Enjoy the view from the Bismarckhöhe, which also features a beer garden.
  • Enjoy fresh fish either on a budget at Mai Wilhelm Fischerei or seated with a view at Fischrestaurant Arielle
  • Go on a hike. In spring, the Panoramaweg Werderobst is lovely. If you have the fitness, you can also hike the Glindower Alps - don’t worry they are not nearly as high as their southern German counterpart 😉
Picture of Werder
Day trip to Werder

3. Day trip from Berlin to Beelitz Heilstädten

Berlin to Beelitz by train: 48 min, no change of trains

The workers' pulmonary sanatoriums Beelitz-Heilstätten, built between 1898 and 1930, form one of the largest hospital complexes in the Berlin area. It is an ensemble of 60 buildings on a total area of around 200 hectares that you can nowadays visit as a lost place on guided tours.

Beware that the sanatorium, the tree top path, and the barefoot park come with three different entrance fees.

Best things to do on a day trip to Beelitz Heilstädten

  • The main attraction of Beelitz Heilstädten is a guided tour through the sanatorium. You used to be able to visit on your own but nowadays a guided tour is necessary. You cannot prebook the regular tours online and English tours are available on request only.
  • The second highlight is the treetop path leading through (and over) the ruined buildings of the sanatorium.
  • The barefoot park is the largest nature adventure park in Brandenburg. You can experience barefoot walking on the 15-hectare site in the middle of the forest with a total of 3 km (1.8 mi) of trails and 68 nature experience stations.
  • Beelitz town is just a short bus ride away. While this cute town might not be worth a day trip on its own it’s a great addition to the sanatorium to stroll the cobblestone streets. Make sure to visit my favourite piece of art: human-size asparagus.
  • Speaking of asparagus: Beelitz is famous for this vegetable. Make sure to have some when you visit in season!
  • Beelitz is the location of the 2022 Landesgartenschau (State Horticultural Show) which is particularly interesting if you’re into flowers and gardening.
Picture of Beelitz Heilstädten
Day trip to Beelitz Heilstädten

4. Day trip from Berlin to Strausberg

Berlin to Strausberg by train: 52 min, no change of trains

You can reach this day trip destination with the S-Bahn! It’s a perfect combination of small-town charm and nature’s delights. It’s a great place to visit especially in summer when you can swim in the lakes.

Best things to do on a day trip to Strausberg

  • Take the S-Bahn to Strausberg Stadt and stroll through the cute town centre. You can even follow a self-guided city tour.
  • Take the ferry over to the other side of the Straussee.
  • Go on a hike. The easiest hike takes you around the Straussee. You can prolong the tour by adding the Fängersee, Bötzsee, and Herrensee.
  • Go for a swim. There are plenty of beaches around the Strausberg lakes that are less crowded than the Berlin lakes in summer.
  • Go scuba diving. Yes, you can scuba dive in Brandenburg!
  • Stay in a castle. Well maybe it’s not a real castle but it looks like one and comes with a nice spa.
Picture of Strausberg
Day trip to Strausberg

1 - 2 hours train ride from Berlin

5. Day trip from Berlin to Bad Saarow

Berlin to Bad Saarow by train: 1h, 1 change of trains

Bad Saarow is all about the spa (Bad meaning bath or spa in English). In summer, you can also enjoy the beautiful Scharmützelsee.

Best things to do on a day trip to Bad Saarow

  • By far the main reason for a day trip to Bad Saarow is to visit a spa. The Therme Bad Saarow is the most famous but there are also more spa hotels than you can count.
  • Enjoy one of the many beer gardens and beaches around the Scharmützelsee.
  • Rent a boat on the Scharmützelsee. You can either rent your own motorised or motorised boat or go on a cruise.
  • Enjoy the bath architecture in Bad Saarow as many famous inhabitants like Maxim Gorki, Theodor Fontane, and Max Schmeling did. There’s even a guided tour on Sundays.
  • Go on a hike. The most straightforward route is around the Scharmützelsee but you can also hike towards the Rauener Berge with their 24/7 view tower.
  • If you’re into escape rooms, the Kletterwald Bad Saarow has something special to offer: an outdoor escape game.
Picture of Bad Saarow
Day trip to Bad Saarow

6. Day trip from Berlin to Lübbenau

Berlin to Lübbenau by train: 1h 5min, no change of trains

Lübbenau is located in the heart of the Spreewald, a biosphere reserve full of canals.

Best things to do on a day trip to Lübbenau

  • The single best thing to do in Lübbenau is to rent a kayak and explore the canals on your own. There are even some restaurants with kayak docks along the way.
  • The second best thing to do is go on a guided barge tour. There is no motor, the guide will push you forward with a stick. You’ll also have the possibility to snack some gherkins.
  • The Spreewald is famous for its gherkins or pickled cucumbers. Don’t leave without having tried one. You can also try some unique cucumber specialities like cucumber soda, ice cream or shakes. There’s even a gherkin museum.
  • Relax in the Spreewelten Bad Lübbenau spa. Where else can you swim with penguins?
  • Visit the Open Air Museum Lehde. It’s the oldest open-air museum in Brandenburg offering a view into the lives of the residents of the Spreewald more than 100 years ago. Houses were brought together from various regions of the Spreewald and rebuilt here to form a whole village.
  • Stroll through the cobblestone streets, eat in one of the many restaurants and explore the castle. You can even spend a night in the castle.
Picture of Lübbenau
Day trip to Lübbenau

7. Day trip from Berlin to Wiesenburg and Bad Belzig

Berlin to Wiesenburg and Bad Belzig by train: 1h 10 min, no change of trains

Wiesenburg was already featured in our blog post highlighting the best things to do all over Germany and we reconfirm that the town and the beautiful castle are worth a visit. It’s easily combined with Bad Belzig, be it on foot or by train.

Best things to do on a day trip to Wiesenburg and Bad Belzig

  • The Wiesenburg Castle with the beautiful lake and observation tower is easily worth a day trip itself.
  • You can comfortably combine a visit to Wiesenburg with a visit to Bad Belzig - be it by train or by hike. We totally recommend you to hike if you’re able to as a Kunstwanderweg (art trail) with 10 different objects connects the two villages. The whole loop is 21 km (13 mi) but you can easily cut it in half by deciding on the north or the south route.
  • The charming town centre of Bad Belzig itself is worth exploring.
  • The Landmark of Bad Belzig is Burg Eisenhardt. You can climb the castle walls and the observation tower. Don’t miss the amazing chocolate at the Chocolaterie.
  • To be honest, we have not done this ourselves and the reviews online are mixed but there’s a 9 km (5.5 mi) Barefoot Hike around Bad Belzig which is on our bucketlist.
  • While this is not strictly the material for a touristy day trip, we still wanted to mention the amazing Coconat coworking space. After all, you could leave the city to work in the beautiful Brandenburg countryside for one day.
Picture of Wiesenburg
Day trip to Wiesenburg

8. Day trip from Berlin to Wittenberg

Berlin to Wittenberg by train: 1h 21 min, no change of trains

Wittenberg’s claim to fame is that it was the city of the revolution - namely the reformation that led to the protestant religion splitting from the Catholics. Hence also the name Lutherstadt Wittenberg after the reformer Martin Luther. It’s also part of the world heritage region Dessau-Wittenberg.

Tip: As the town is quite touristy many of the sights, including the churches, come with an entrance fee.

Best things to do on a day trip to Wittenberg

  • Do some revolution sightseeing. You can visit the Lutherhaus, the Schlosskirche where Luther posted the Ninety-five Theses, the St. Marien church where the first German service ever took place, and the house of the reformer Melanchthon.
  • • Follow the well-marked sightseeing trail through the city centre with bilingual descriptions of all the major sights including the old city wall, the town hall, and the historic university.
  • There are countless cute cafes and restaurants in Wittenberg, many of them in picturesque backyards. Just to mention a few there’s the von Bora inside the courtyard of the Lutherhaus, the Hofwirtschaft in the Cranachhof, and Café Klatschmohn.
  • A hidden gem of a museum is the Museum of City History in the historic building of the Zeughaus. It features 700 years of the history of Lutherstadt Wittenberg.
  • If you’re a sucker for views like we are, you can summit the tower of the Schlosskirche. You can purchase a chip at the entrance of the church and let yourself in.
  • If you’re a nature enthusiast, we recommend you to cycle along the Elberadweg.
Picture of Wittenberg
Day trip to Wittenberg

9. Day trip from Berlin to Cottbus

Berlin to Cottbus by train: 1h 24min, no change of trains

To be honest, there’s a bit of prejudice against visiting Cottbus. So we were even more surprised to encounter a charming city with loads of greenery on our day trip.

Best things to do on a day trip to Cottbus

  • Get an overview from the Spremberger Tower. It does not cost much and the people who work there will be able to give you many recommendations.
  • Do some sightseeing in the old town. Some of our highlights are the old market, the monastery, the city castle, the city wall, and the oldest building of Cottbus, the Gerberhäuser. You can even go on a guided tour on some weekdays.
  • Stroll the walking street with its many shops and enjoy Cottbuss's many restaurants. Don’t miss the Stadtwächter for some traditional cuisine next to the medieval city wall.
  • Check out the pyramids. Yes, you heard right, there are pyramids in Cottbus. They are part of the super cool Fürst-Pückler-Park Branitz, which is free to visit and super interesting.
  • Enjoy the river Spree be it walking or cycling.
  • Visit the old Cottbus-Nord opencast mine. It was flooded in 2019 and is now called Cottbusser Ostsee (The Baltic Sea of Cottbus). To be honest, it was still a mine when we last visited but there seem to be observation towers nowadays and it does look super interesting. There’s still an active mine in Welzow.
Picture of Cottbus
Day trip to Cottbus

10. Day trip from Berlin to Dessau

Berlin to Dessau by train: 1h 38min, no change of trains

Like Wittenberg, Dessau is part of the world heritage region Dessau-Wittenberg. It’s famous for its Bauhaus architecture.

Tip: You can save some serious money if you buy the WelterbeCard.

Best things to do on a day trip to Dessau

  • Get an overview of Bauhaus architecture by doing a self-guided Bauhaus tour. You can either walk or take the Bauhaus Bus (Line 10) that will bring you to the most important Bauhaus buildings like Törten Settlement, Historical Arbeitsamt, Bauhausmuseum, Meisterhäuser, and Kornhaus.

  • Bauhaus is important in Dessau so you shouldn’t miss visiting the museum Bauhaus Dessau, Bauhaus Museum Dessau, and the Meisterhäuser.

  • The Räucherturm might look a bit sketchy but it offers great views over Dessau for free.

  • While Bauhaus is the main focus, the old city centre is also worth a visit. Highlights include the city castle, the Marienkirche, and of course the Georgium. You can follow a well-marked trail with bilingual explanations to do a self-guided tour.

    Beware that the main walking street does not really have historic charm in Dessau.

  • Dessau is close to the UNESCO World Heritage Middle Elbe Biosphere Reserve. You can best explore the old trees and branched arms of the river by bike.

  • Probably a day trip in itself, the Gartenreich Dessau-Wörlitz with its gardens, palaces and avenues is worth a visit. You can reach it by train from Dessau.

Picture of Dessau
Day trip to Dessau

11. Day trip from Berlin to Waren (Müritz)

Berlin to Waren (Müritz) by train: 1h 40min, no change of trains

Waren (Müritz) is located in the heart of the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte (Mecklenburg Lake District) yet easy to reach from Berlin by train.

Best things to do on a day trip to Waren (Müritz)

  • The highlight of the region is the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte (Mecklenburg Lake District). Don’t skip exploring it by boat - either on your own with a rental kayak or on a cruise. You can opt for a three, five, or seven lakes cruise.
  • With more than 2000 km (1250 mi) of cycle paths and mostly flat terrain, the area of the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte is a cyclists’ paradise! While not strictly a bike, you can rent a trolley and paddle on a railway through the Nature Park Mecklenburg Switzerland.
  • Don’t miss out on the city centre with its churches, market square, and town hall. The harbour is also worth a visit.
  • Since 2021, Waren is a state-approved spa. The Waren thermal brine has a high iodine content and is supposed to have healing properties. Anyways you can never go wrong with a relaxing spa treatment in the Waren Spa Centre.
  • The Müritzeum is an interactive adventure world that exhibits the nature around the Müritz and the Mecklenburg Lake District. It features the largest freshwater aquarium in Germany with over 40 species of fish. Like with all museums/aquariums you have to make the decision yourself.
  • With an area of over 320 square kilometres (120 square miles), the Müritz National Park is the largest terrestrial national park in Germany. Three quarters are covered by forest and it features around 100 lakes and many smaller bodies of water. The national park is named after the Müritz, Germany's largest inland lake.
Picture of Waren
Day trip to Waren

2 - 3 hours train ride from Berlin

12. Day trip from Berlin to Ueckermünde

Berlin to Ueckermünde by train: 2h 20min, 1 change of trains

While Ueckermünde is not nearly as famous as its counterpart on the other side of the Stettiner Haff Usedom, it’s nonetheless worth a visit, significantly less crowded and much cheaper.

Best things to do on a day trip to Ueckermünde

  • If it’s the right temperature, go and hit the beach. The Haffbad with its beach chairs to rent is super nice.
  • If it’s not the right weather to hit the beach, check out the charming Haffmuseum in the old castle. Here you’ll learn about the history of Ueckermünde. Additionally, you have a great view from the tower.
  • Stroll through the city centre and along the Uecker promenade.
  • Check out the Klappbrücke (bascule bridge). The Sir Henry Fischbistro is a great place to have a drink and a fish roll while you wait for ships to pass the bridge. If you’re really into bascule bridges, there’s also a wooden one across the Köhnischer Kanal.
  • Take a boat to Poland! We really loved Swinemünde / Świnoujście and we love boat tours so this is a win-win. Of course, you can also cruise the Stettiner Haff.
  • Explore the area by bike. If you make it all the way to Altwarp (17 km or 10 mi), you’ll be rewarded with a historic windmill and shifting dunes. Additionally, you can hop on a quick little ferry to Neuwarp / Nowe Warpno in Poland on a charming cutter. Of course, you can also take the bus.
Picture of Ueckermünde
Day trip to Ueckermünde

13. Day trip from Berlin to Tangermünde

Berlin to Tangermünde by train: 2h 30min, 1 change of trains

Honestly, we probably would have never heard about Tangermünde if our friends had not had their wedding in this beautiful historic Hanseatic town. We would have missed out…

Best things to do on a day trip to Tangermünde

  • Stroll through the historic city centre. The half-timbered houses are as cute as they can be, the brick churches are impressive, the towers imposing, and the city wall is like nothing we’ve ever seen. There’s even a small local history museum.
  • Don’t forget to visit the castle. They have a restaurant and a hotel with a spa. The view from the Kapitel Tower is the best in the city.
  • Not one but two rivers float through Tangermünde: the Tanger and the Elbe. Tangermünde is located along the Elbe bike path with a total length of 1270 km (790 mi) - but don’t worry, you don’t have to cycle it all. The Nature Observation Tower Bölsdorfer Haken is an easy 5 km (3 mi) hike or bike ride away. Of course, you can also ride further towards Buch.
  • Try a local Kuhschwanzbier (cow tail beer). You can get it at the Zecherei, a restaurant in an old church with a very medieval atmosphere which is totally worth a visit.
  • Sleep in a brewery. Schulzens Brauerei is not only a hotel but also a restaurant and a bar. You can have tastings, guided tours, and even brew your own beer - a beer lovers’ paradise.
  • To reach Tangermünde, you have to change trains in Stendal. If you have the time, don’t skip this historic Hanseatic city.
Picture of Tangermünde
Day trip to Tangermünde

14. Day trip from Berlin to Leipzig

Berlin to Beelitz by train: 2h 40min, 1 change of trains

With more than 600000 inhabitants, Leipzig is the biggest city in Saxony. Of course, you’ll find plenty of cultural events, restaurants, and museums here.

Best things to do on a day trip to Leipzig

  • Visit the Völkerschlachtdenkmal (Monument to the Battle of the Nations). The monument was erected in memory of the Battle of the Nations in 1813 and, at 91 meters high, is one of the tallest monuments in Europe. Climb to the top and enjoy the view over Leipzig.
  • Enjoy the view from the Panorama Tower. The MDR television high-rise building is the tallest building in Leipzig. When it was completed in 1972, it was the tallest building in Germany. Located in the city centre, it offers a great view of the city and the surrounding area of Leipzig.
  • The Haus der Geschichte - Zeitgeschichtliches Forum teaches you about the history of the GDR - completely for free!
  • We normally don’t recommend visiting zoos but in Leipzig, you can find Gondwanaland - Germany’s biggest jungle. We’re just suckers for tropical houses, especially in German winter. Here, we saw tapirs and comodo dragons before we saw them in the wild. They even have a section featuring living fossils!
  • Eat and drink to your heart’s content in the Barfußgäßchen also called Drallewatsch which means going out in Saxonian.
  • Explore the beautiful city centre. You can go on a free walking tour or do a self-guided tour. If you want to learn about Leipzig’s role in the German reunification, we recommend the English App "Leipzig '89".
Picture of Leipzig
Day trip to Leipzig

15. Day trip from Berlin to Greifswald

Berlin to Greifswald by train: 2h 48min, no change of trains

In between the popular islands of Rügen and Usedom, Greifswald often gets overlooked. A shame because the university city and the city with the youngest inhabitants in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is well worth a visit.

Best things to do on a day trip to Greifswald

  • Greifswald is famous for its Backsteingotik (brick gothic) buildings. The market square is especially beautiful. The historic university from 1456 is well worth a visit.
  • Climb the tower of the St Nikolaus church for the best view in town.
  • With more than 50 ships, the museum port is the biggest in Germany. There’s a lot of information about each ship - all completely free!
  • The famous romantik painter Caspar David Friedrich was born in Greifswald. Of course, he painted many pictures of his home town. You can follow the Bildweg (picture path) with 15 stations, see his paintings in the Pommersches Landesmuseum, and visit the Caspar David Friedrich-Centre.
  • The Fischerdorf Wieck (fishing village Wieck) is well worth a visit. You can bike, walk, take a bus, or even a boat along the Ryck river. It’s famous for its bascule bridge which is still drawn manually. Strengthen yourself with a fish roll before you cross the bascule bridge to reach
  • Eldena. This part of Greifswald is famous for its brick gothic monastery ruin - Klosterruine Eldena. Additionally, you can visit one of the oldest windmills in the Baltic Sea. If the weather allows for it, you can have a relaxed day at the beach at the Strandbad Eldena (lido Eldena).
Picture of Greifswald
Day trip to Greifswald

3 - 4 hours train ride from Berlin

16. Day trip from Berlin to Warnemünde

Berlin to Warnemünde by train: 3h 11min, 1 change of trains

We all know the main event when visiting Warnemünde is going to the beach. Here are some other things you can do as well.

Best things to do on a day trip to Warnemünde

  • Walk along the seafront promenade - this also secures you a more remote spot on the beach.
  • Eating a fish roll is a must.
  • Check out the lighthouse. You can climb it for a view.
  • There’s a local museum but to be honest, we’ve never been.
  • Do some boat-watching. You can see small boats on the Alter Strom, cruise ships and ferries along the Warnow, and there’s even a Maritime Museum in between Rostock and Warnemünde.
  • To go to Warnemünde, you have to change trains in Rostock which is quite a nice city. Don’t miss the Stadthafen (city port) with its many restaurants when you go.
Picture of Warnemünde
Day trip to Warnemünde

17. Day trip from Berlin to Stralsund

Berlin to Stralsund by train: 3h 14min, no change of trains

Stralsund is the jumping-off point to the German island of Rugen as you have to change trains here to cross the Rügen bridge. The city is definitely worth a stopover on your way and can even make for a nice day trip.

Best things to do on a day trip to Stralsund

  • The main draw of Stralsund is its lovely old town with highlights like the St Nikolai church, the old market and city hall, and the old city wall with its gates. There’s even a free walking tour although it seems to be available only in German.
  • The culinary highlight is the Störtebeker Brauquartier with amazing beers and food.
  • The museum ship Gorch Fock I is a must-visit. The famous sailing training ship of the German Navy, Gorch Fock I, is moored in Stralsund's city harbour.
  • Go on a boat tour. You can either choose a harbour cruise or take a ferry to many different destinations for example on the island of Rügen.
  • If you don’t want to go all the way to Rügen, you can walk along the Sundpromenade to reach a nice sandy beach.
  • The Ozeaneum (like every kind of zoo) is a debatable tourist attraction. Here, you can visit exhibitions featuring the Baltic Sea, North Sea and the open Atlantic. There are many aquariums with fish, coral and crabs. They collaborate with Greenpeace so they seem to be as animal friendly as aquariums get.
Picture of Stralsund
Day trip to Stralsund

18. Day trip from Berlin to Goslar

Berlin to Goslar by train: 3h 42min, 1 change of trains

Being born in Lower Saxony, we could not have not included the beautiful Harz mountains. Goslar is one of the destinations in the Harz mountains easiest reached by train. Most of the day trips on this list are geared toward warmer weather whereas the Harz mountains are amazing in winter as well.

Best things to do on a day trip to Goslar

  • Go skiing. There are some ski schools in town for beginners and plenty of ski lifts around, for example at Bocksberg.
  • Bocksberg can be reached by bus. It’s great in winter for skiing and tobogganing but also amazing in summer. There’s a summer toboggan run, you can zip line, hike the Liebesbankweg (love bench path), and of course visit the Instagram-famous stave church in Hahnenklee.
  • Speaking of winter, the Christmas market in Goslar is one of our favourites in Germany. It comes with a Christmas Forest full of beautifully lit firs. The backdrop of the historic houses is just the cutest.
  • Our favourite thing to do in Goslar is visiting the Cultural Heritage For All Humanity: The Rammelsberg mine. You can ride the mine train into the mountain, just like the miners did. You can even inquire about English tours via email.
  • Another UNESCO World Heritage Site is the Kaiserpfalz (Imperial Palace). Erected between 1040 and 1050 under Henry III, the imperial palace is a unique monument of secular architecture. For more than 200 years, German and European history was written here at numerous Reichs- und Hoftage.
  • Speaking of UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The whole old town of Goslar is part of it! Make sure to stroll the cobblestone streets with their half-timbered houses, visit the market square, and enjoy the view from the tower of the Marktkirche. The only thing we did not enjoy was the pewter figures museum, which is mostly interesting for the pewter figure enthusiast and less for the regular tourist.
Picture of Goslar
Day trip to Goslar

19. Day trip from Berlin to Usedom (Heringsdorf)

Berlin to Usedom (Heringsdorf) by train: 3h 52min, 1 change of trains

The German island of Usedom is undoubtedly touristy. Like many touristy places, rightly so. Beware that it can get crowded and prices are higher. Also, you should be aware that you have to pay a tourist tax of currently 2.70€ when you visit.

Best things to do on a day trip to Heringsdorf

  • Let’s be honest the main reason to visit Usedom is to go to the beach and there are plenty of them. You can find
    • dog beaches
    • nudist beaches (eastern Germany is famous for them)
    • family-friendly beaches with beach chairs to rent
  • Speaking of beaches: The beach is incredibly long. In fact, you can walk all the way to Swinemünde / Świnoujście in Poland along the beach!
  • Heringsdorf is part of the three Kaiserbäder Ahlbeck, Heringsdorf und Bansin. They are connected by one of Europe’s longest beachfront promenades. The three towns are famous for their architectural style called Bäderarchitektur (bath architecture).
  • All three Kaiserbäder feature impressive Seebrücken (piers). While the pier in Bansin is not very spectacular, the piers in Heringsdorf and Bansin have buildings on top with a restaurant inside.
  • A small train called the Kaiserbäder-Express connects the three towns. It runs roughly every 40 minutes and is a lot of fun.
  • If you have enough of the beach, you can visit the Healing Forest. Here, you can exercise, meditate, or check out different viewpoints.
Picture of Usedom
Day trip to Usedom

Bonus: day trip from Berlin to Poland (over 4 hours train ride from Berlin)

20. Day trip from Berlin to Breslau / Wrocław

Berlin to Breslau / Wrocław by train: 4h 18min EC or Kulturzug (Culture Train)

You can reach Wrocław within 4h and 18min with an EC from Berlin making it a day trip destination. What we recommend you do though is take the amazing Kulturzug (culture train) for 19€ and spend a night. The train runs from Berlin to Wrocław Saturday morning and back Sunday evening. And the best? You’ll be entertained throughout the ride!

Best things to do on a day trip to Breslau / Wrocław

  • Climb the roof of the Renoma shopping centre for a great free view.
  • Stroll through the beautiful old town with the Rynek (Market Square). Like everywhere, we recommend you take a free walking tour.
  • Don’t miss out on Cathedral Island which is the oldest part of Wrocław from the 10th century. It’s super pretty with a church at almost every turn.
  • Hunt for the many little dwarfs which are the symbols of Wrocław. Rumour has it that there are around 500.
  • Indulge in some delicious Polish food in the market hall. We recommend Pierogi and Bigos.
  • Explore the alternative Nadodrze district to find street art and German signs.
Picture of Breslau
Day trip to Breslau

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