How to Get to Lombok from Bali –Ferry or Fast Boat?

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You wonder whether you should go from Bali to Lombok by ferry or by fast boat? Our quick Bali to Lombok Island by boat guide has got you covered!

We travelled from Lombok to Bali by boat to tell you how to get to Lombok from Bali.

How Do I Get to Lombok?

You have three options for going from Bali to Lombok:

  1. Bali to Lombok ferry.
  2. Bali to Lombok fast boat.
  3. Bali to Lombok flying.

As we try to avoid flying as much as possible, we focus on going from Bali to Lombok by boat.

Is it Easy to Travel from Bali to Lombok?

Honestly, the hardest part when going from Bali to Lombok by boat is getting to and from the port. Our journey was marked by not one but two negative taxi experiences.

In Bali, we ordered a Grab to go to Padang Bai Harbour. Once we were in Padang Bai, the driver did not drive us to the ferry port but to his “friend” who sells tickets for a speed boat. We had to jump out of the car, overpaid, and had to walk quite a way back to the public ferry port.

Once we arrived in Lombok, we realised that the Lembar Port was in the firm hands of the taxi mafia and you cannot use taxi apps here. Because we were already quite worn down, we agreed to pay double the regular price to a rude driver who even managed to give my backpack a small tear.

Bucketlist2life tip: The public ferry is an amazing option if you want to bring your scooter with you from Bali to Lombok.

Overview: Fast Boat or Ferry Lombok Bali

Can You Get a Speed Boat from Bali to Lombok?

Can You Get a Ferry from Bali to Lombok?



How Long Is the Fast Boat from Bali to Lombok?

How Long Is Ferry from Bali to Lombok?

The Bali to Lombok speedboat time is around 2.5 to 3.5 hours.

The Bali to Lombok ferry time is around 4 to 5 hours.

How Much Does it Cost to Get from Bali to Lombok by Fast Boat?

How Much Does it Cost to Get from Bali to Lombok by Ferry?

Bali Lombok Fast Boat Price: Around 620,000 IDR ≈ 40 USD.

Bali Lombok Ferry Price: Around 62,200 IDR ≈ 4 USD.

Bali to Lombok Fast Boat Schedule

Bali to Lombok Ferry Schedule

There are a ton of fast boat companies. Two of the best are

There is no fixed schedule. The ferry for the Bali-Lombok route operates 24 hours daily, with an hourly departure interval.

Where to Buy Tickets for the Bali Lombok Fast Boat

Where to Buy Tickets for the Ferry from Lombok to Bali

You can either buy tickets online or at the port.

You cannot book tickets online. You can buy tickets at the ferry port. First come, first served.

Bali Lombok Speedboat Port

Bali Lombok Ferry Port

Bali: Padang Bai Harbour or Serangan Harbor.
Lombok: Bangsal Harbor.

Bali: Padang Bai Harbour.
Lombok: Lembar Port.

Which Did We Choose? Speedboat or Ferry to Lombok from Bali

Because of the huge price difference and the not so huge time difference we chose the public ferry from Bali to Lombok. Additionally, we wanted to travel to the south of Lombok so Lembar Port made more sense for us.

We have 0 complaints.

Public Ferry from Bali to Lombok – Our Review

When you arrive at Padang Bai Port, the ticket-buying and boarding process is very straightforward.

The Bali Lombok ferries work in a way that they don’t have a specific schedule but leave when they are full. Our boat left soon after we arrived and the ride took around 4.5 hours.

There was ample seating. The boat wasn’t the cleanest so maybe bring some sanitiser – especially since you might want to use the toilet on a 4-hour ride.

There is some snack food on sale but it’s quite pricey. You’re better off bringing your own food and drinks.

Picture of Taking the Lombok ferry from Bali
Taking the Lombok ferry from Bali

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