2 Day Sarajevo Itinerary With Map (2024)

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How many days in Sarajevo do you need? Our two day Sarajevo itinerary will help you to fall in love with the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 48 hours (or less 😉).

On our recent trip to Sarajevo, we fell in love with the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina – and started to wonder why not more people visit. With our 2 days in Sarajevo itinerary, we provide you with a resource to make the most of your time when visiting Sarajevo.

What to see in Sarajevo if you have 48 hours? Our 2 day Sarajevo itinerary with map will show you the best things to do in Sarajevo as well as allow for some free time to explore according to your preferences – because one size does not fit all!

48 Hour Sarajevo Itinerary

2 day Sarajevo itinerary map:

Sarajevo Itinerary Day 1

Morning – Free Walking Tour

Start your day with a traditional Bosnian coffee at Caffe Divan.

As always, we love to explore a new city with a free walking tour. We did the one by Meet Bosnia and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The tour will bring you to all the Sarajevo must-see places like:

  • Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures.
  • The Baščaršija region with the Pigeon Square and Old Town Bazaar.
  • The Orthodox and Catholic Cathedrals as well as the Bey's Mosque.
  • Latin Bridge.
  • The Sarajevo sign in front of the town hall.
Picture of Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures
Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures

Lunch – Burek Sarajevo

You’ll have around 1 hour break in between the two tours. That is just enough time to eat the best Burek in town at Buregdžinica Bosna.

Picture of Burek Sarajevo
Burek Sarajevo

Afternoon Yellow Fortress, Tunnel of Hope, Olympic Bobsleigh Track

In the afternoon, visit three of the top attractions in Sarajevo:

  • The Yellow Fortress is more of a viewpoint than a fortress but we really loved the vista.
  • The Tunnel of Hope is a must-see if you want to learn more about the latest war.
  • The Olympic Bobsleigh Track is great for street art lovers.

Real talk: You can visit these places by walking, public transport, and/or taxis. It will take you a lot more time and energy than a tour though. We opted for the Fall of Yugoslavia Tour by Meet Bosnia because we went on their free walking tour and enjoyed it a lot.

Picture of Tunnel of Hope
Tunnel of Hope

Evening – Cevapi and Brewery Sarajevo

We wouldn’t be Germans if we didn’t recommend a delicious draft beer at Sarajevo Brewery.

They also serve food but the reviews were kind of mediocre so we opted for tasty cevapi at Ćevabdžinica Željo before the beer.

Picture of Brewery Sarajevo
Brewery Sarajevo

Sarajevo Itinerary Day 2

Start your day 2 in Sarajevo with a coffee with a view at Hotel Hecco Deluxe. If you know us, you know that we are suckers for rooftop bars and this one was surprisingly inexpensive with friendly service.

Afterwards, learn more about the history of former Yugoslavia. We suggest that you visit the Gallery 11/07/95. This art gallery is dedicated to preserving the memory of the Srebrenica genocide.

Picture of Hotel Hecco Deluxe rooftop views
Hotel Hecco Deluxe rooftop views

Lunch –Traditional Bosnian Aščinica Food

An Aščinica is a buffet-style restaurant that serves traditional Bosnian dishes for lunch. We were recommended ASDŽ Aščinica but as it was closed on the day of our visit we went to Aščinica H.E.M.. The lady was super friendly although she didn’t speak any English and value for money was out of this world.

Picture of Traditional Bosnian Aščinica Food
Traditional Bosnian Aščinica Food

Afternoon - Some Prompts for Your Free Time

One size does not fit all so here are some ideas on what to do in Sarajevo on your second afternoon:

  • If you like shopping, stroll across the markets. In the Ottoman part of town, don’t miss Coppersmith Street and the covered market (Gazi Husrev-Begov Bezistan). Don’t forget the Austro-Hungarian part of town. Markale Market is definitely worth a visit.

  • For great views, hop on the cable car and head back up Mount Trebević. Tip: You can walk down the abandoned bobsled track and find the abandoned observatory.

  • Avaz Twist Tower gives you a different vantage point.

  • Head to more of the many museums in town like the War Childhood Museum.

  • If you want to get seriously off the beaten path, head to Ciglane to ride the funicular and hunt for street art.

  • Take a tram to Ilidza. Here, you can stroll down Velika Aleja, a tree-lined alley that leads to the spring of River Bosna.

  • Stroll along along Milijacka River.

  • If you have a sweet tooth, sit down in a cafe and enjoy some baklava.

Picture of Coppersmith Street, Sarajevo
Coppersmith Street, Sarajevo

Evening - More Cevapi and Beer

You can not not eat cevapi when you’re in Bosnia. Today, our quest for grilled minced meat brings us to the Austro-Hungarian part of town. The cevapis at Ćevabdžinica Nune were amazing and the hospitality even more so.

End the day at Zlatna Ribica, a bar with a super cool retro vibe.

Picture of Zlatna Ribica
Zlatna Ribica

Sarajevo Travel Guide

Let’s end with a quick Sarajevo FAQ, shall we?

Is it Worth Going to Sarajevo?

Is Sarajevo worth visiting? Yes! In all honesty, Sarajevo is one of our favourite cities we have visited in Europe. It’s

  • Walkable.
  • Cheap.
  • Filled with history.
  • Great for foodies.

How Many Days Should I Spend in Sarajevo?

Is 2 days enough in Sarajevo? Yes, 48 hours in Sarajevo is enough to explore the highlights as well as some hidden gems.

As you can see from our ideas for the second afternoon, you can spend a lot more time in Sarajevo without feeling bored 😉

Best Time to Visit Sarajevo

The best time to visit Sarajevo is the shoulder season in spring and autumn. You’ll have fewer crowds than in summer but nicer weather than in winter.

Cheap Hotels in Sarajevo Bosnia

Where to stay in Sarajevo?


We stayed at Hostel Vagabond and were happy with the location as well as the value for money.

Day Trips from Sarajevo

In case Sarajevo is your only stop in Bosnia and Herzegovina, these are the tours from Sarajevo we recommend.

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