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The perfect Romanian road trip – 7 days Romania itinerary (2023)

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This is the perfect Romania roadtrip itinerary for you if you only have a limited amount of time but still want to explore the best of Romania: Travel beyond Transylvania and visit the Danube Delta, the Black Sea beaches, as well as the capital Bucharest.

This Romania itinerary for your Romania road trip brings you to the highlights and hidden gems of the Balkan country. You’ll see the castles of Transilvania, take a boat tour in the Danube Delta, visit the Romanian Black Sea beaches, and explore the capital Bucharest.

Yes, more time is always better but sometimes it is just is as it is. This is the perfect itinerary to road trip Romania if you want to explore the country beyond Transylvania. With this Romania itinerary, you don't have to move every night and you don't have to drive excessive hours each day. Like always, we aim to optimize the time spend and try to pack as many attractions into the drives as possible.

Transylvania road trip

Transylvania or Transilvania is probably the most quintessential region of Romania. Its castles and Count Dracula have reached world fame after all!

Day 1 – Arriving at Bucharest Airport and drive to Transilvania

To make the most of your time make sure to get an early start from Bucharest. Make the most of your trip and drive the scenic route. The Transfăgărășean is one of the best panoramic roads in the world and the best road in Romania - the views will blow your mind! Yes, you won't be as fast as on the main road but it's well worth it! Stop along the road to buy one of the traditional cheeses as the perfect road trip snack. On the way, you'll also come past Poenari Castle, the real Dracula castle. Contrary to the popular Bran castle, Vlad the Impaler or Dracula as you might know him, really stayed here. Additionally, the Argeș Lake makes for a scenic stop along the way.

Distance: 360km (224 mi)

Where to sleep in Transilvania

Sibiu is the perfect base to explore Transilvania. It's a cute town with lots of restaurants and bars to relax after a full day of sightseeing. We enjoyed the Delis Restaurant for some traditional Romanian food. The old town with its two town squares is charming and of course, it has a small citadel. Many hightlights of Transilvania are easy to reach from here.

Picture of View of Transfăgărășean panoramic road
View of Transfăgărășean panoramic road

Day 2 – Exploring Transylvanian castles and fortified churches

The number one highlight you should not miss in this area is Hunedoara Castle. This Gothic-Renaissance castle is one of the largest castles in Europe and is hands down one of the prettiest we've ever seen.

If you are looking for a real hidden gem, explore one of the fortified churches of Transilvania. We loved Câlnic – and the best part is that they produce their own wine. Romanian wine is a total recommendation by the way.

Other noteworthy stops for you to explore if you have more time or stamina are the salt lake of Ocna Sibiului or the amusement park in an old salt mine Salina Turda.

Distance: Variable

Picture of Hunedoara Castle
Hunedoara Castle

Driving to Walachia

In Germany we say we go to Walachia when we go somewhere remote. Turns out Walachia is anything but…

Day 3 – Driving from Transilvania to Buzau

Today, we explore the eastern part of Transilvania. Here, you'll find the famous Bran Castle, which is overpriced and over-touristy if you ask us. But go ahead and see for yourself, maybe you'll have a better experience.

The lesser known alternative is the Râșnov Citadel. It is heavily fortified. Walls have shielded it from invasion and two courtyards provided space for a well and with living areas on the inside. It's beautiful, there are tons of areas to explore and the view is breathtaking – and did I mention that they have a Hollywood type sign?

Distance: 320km (200 mi)

Where to sleep in Walachia

Buzau is a good place to interrupt the long journey towards the Danube Delta and get a nights rest.

Picture of Râșnov Citadel
Râșnov Citadel

The Romanian Danube Delta

The Danube Delta is one of the best spots in Europe to spot birds and other wildlife. It’s also a prime destination for fishing. A boat trip in the Danube Delta belongs on your Romania bucketlist!

Day 4 – Exploring the Berca mud volcanoes and driving to the Danube Delta

Buzau is a great stop in Romania because you are very close to the Berca mud volcanoes. They are small volcano-shaped structures typically a few metres high caused by the eruption of mud and natural gases. And they are nothing like we've ever seen.

Distance: 240km (150 mi)

Where to sleep in the Danube Delta

Base yourself in Tulcea. Here, you can explore the town or the Danube by kayak. Make sure to get enough rest before your full day of exploring the Danube Delta.

Picture of Berca mud volcanoes
Berca mud volcanoes

Day 5 – Danube Delta Tour

Today your car gets a rest day! If you've been following us for a while you've probably heard us rave about the beauty of the Danube Delta. Definitely take at least one full day to explore the area in depth. We recommend you to take a fast boat, which will take you to the charming settlement of Mila 23 and Letea Forest, the oldest natural reservation in Romania, where you'll have the chance to see wild horses. On the way, you'll have plenty of opportunities to spot the local wildlife, especially the birds. Don't miss the chance to taste the local fish and the local booze Țuică. Make sure to end your trip in Sulina at the Black Sea beach. This beautiful beach is just the best place to relax!

Distance: /

Picture of Danube Delta
Danube Delta

Bucharest city tour

Why visit Bucharest you ask? Easy: The capital of Romania is lively with many sights, restaurants, and bars!

Day 6 – Hit the best beaches in Romania

On your way to Bucharest make sure to check out some of the Black Sea beaches. Vadu and Corbu are two beautiful natural beaches. If you are looking for a bit more infrastructure and beach bars, check out Constanta. Constanta also has a nice city centre. Make sure to explore the casino and the archaeological park with Roman-Byzantine relics.

Distance: 350km (220 mi)

Where to sleep in Bucharest

In the centre of Bucharest, you’ll find the most bar and restaurant options but not as many parking spots. In case you park and sleep a bit away from the centre, the city features decent and cheap public transport.

Picture of Black Sea beach
Black Sea beach

Day 7 – Explore Bucharest

To make the most of your time in Bucharest, do a free walking tour. This will give you an overview of the history and the most important sights in a short time. Next to the charming old town itself, our must-see recommendations are the Parliament Palace, the largest parliament building in the world, the Revolution Square, the Macca Villacrosse Passage, and the Patriarchal Cathedral. Make sure to leave enough time to relax in one of the many restaurants. We thoroughly enjoyed the traditional restaurant Caru' cu Bere, which translates to the beer wagon.

Enjoy your evening out in Bucharest and hit the amazing bars!

Distance: /

Picture of Parliament Palace, Bucharest
Parliament Palace, Bucharest

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