Overnight Cruise Halong Bay – Is it Worth It?

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Our honest review about the Halong Bay cruise we have done. Including how many days to cruise Halong Ba and how to find the best overnight cruise in Halong Bay for you!

When looking for the best Halong Bay overnight cruises, we stumbled across BEST SELLER- 2 Day/1 Night Cruise with All-Inclusive in Halong by Halong Bay Cruise Hunters who have amazing reviews.

There are plenty of options and we are going to explain how you can find the best Halong Bay cruise for you. We have chosen a 2 day/1 night 5* cruise in Lan Ha Bay.

Read on and find out whether we think our overnight cruise in Halong Bay was worth it.

Overnight Cruise Halong Bay – Our Honest Review

Let’s be honest: We loved our Halong Bay cruise. But we must say that we were also incredibly lucky. We did get one of the best rooms on the ship (nobody knew we were travel bloggers. It was either luck or kindness because we had borrowed our tour guide a pen). Our cabin was glorious with a spacious balcony and a private jacuzzi.

We liked most parts of our cruise:

  • Halong Bay itself is a must-visit!
  • Transfers ran smoothly.
  • Our tour guide, boat captain, and the rest of the personnel were lovely.
  • We LOVED our cabin.
  • The food was plenty and delicious.
  • The activities we did (beach time and kayaking) were great fun.

The only thing we didn’t like was the bar. The music was too loud and drinks were too expensive. But we didn’t mind. We just hopped in our jacuzzi and spent the evening on our balcony.

Picture of Our private jacuzzi on our Halong Bay cruise
Our private jacuzzi on our Halong Bay cruise

Is a Halong Bay Cruise Worth it?

We absolutely think a Halong Bay cruise is worth it. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site for a reason! Yes, we are geology nerds, but cruising through these limestone islets is just such a cool and unique experience.

Whether you go on a day cruise or an overnight cruise, Halong Bay Vietnam is absolutely worth a visit.

Picture of View from our balcony on Halong Bay Overnight Cruise
View from our balcony on Halong Bay Overnight Cruise

What to Expect on Halong Bay Overnight Cruises

Disclaimer: We’re going to talk about the Lan Ha Bay tour because that’s the one we took. The other options are described here.

Our tour started with a pickup in Hanoi.

Once we arrived on the boat, we were served lunch. Afterwards, we could move into our room and the cruising started.

In the afternoon, we were brought to an islet where we could enjoy some beach time and swim in the sea.

The buffet-style dinner was the fanciest meal of the trip. Afterwards, there was the possibility to buy drinks at the bar. Drink prices were pretty high by Vietnamese standards.

The morning started with a light breakfast. After that, it was time for our favourite activity of the trip: Kayaking. We were given thorough directions and headed off to explore the limestone islets, caves, and cliffs on our own.

We were served a rich brunch before leaving the boat.

The transfer back was smooth again.

Picture of Kayaking on Halong Bay cruise
Kayaking on Halong Bay cruise

What Kind of Food Can You Expect on an Overnight Cruise in Halong Bay?

All meals on board were buffet style so there was something for everyone – from traditional Vietnamese cuisine to French fries. The vegetarian guests seemed to be happy as well.

Picture of Restaurant on our 1 Night Cruise Halong Bay
Restaurant on our 1 Night Cruise Halong Bay

What Other Travellers Say About 1 Night Cruise Halong Bay

The Halong Bay cruise reviews are amazing:

⭐ Rating: 5.0 / 5 (2474 reviews)

A must do in Vietnam

The whole experience was amazing from start to finish. After being collected from our hotel in Hanoi we were taken to our transfer boat which then took us out to the main boat. There we were greeted by all the members of staff who were charming throughout! Our room was incredible and extremely comfortable, we also loved the views from the balcony. Everything was really well organised and punctual, and the food on board was great. In terms of activities, all of them were fun but we particularly loved the kayaking and swimming in Lan Ha Bay.

– Sophie (see more reviews)

Picture of Overnight Cruise Halong Bay beach time
Overnight Cruise Halong Bay beach time

What Does the Halong Bay Overnight Cruise Include?

  • Round trip transfer from Hanoi to cruise dock (2-3 hours).
  • Fully furnished cabin with A/C.
  • Private bathroom, hot water, walk-in shower.
  • Kayaking or bamboo boat trip, beach time, swimming.
  • Tai chi, cooking class, fishing equipment (not on all cruises).
  • Tour guide.
  • Breakfast.
  • Lunch (2).
  • Dinner.
  • Happy hour with free juice.
Picture of Our cabin for the Overnight Halong Bay Cruise
Our cabin for the Overnight Halong Bay Cruise

How Much Does the Overnight Halong Bay Cruise Cost?

Check the Halong Bay overnight cruise price:

Cruise Halong Bay Tips

How Long Do You Need to Cruise Halong Bay?

Personally, we think 2 days / 1 night is the sweet spot to cruise Halong Bay Vietnam. It’s amazing to see Halong Bay during sunset, at night and in the quiet morning hours.

If you have less time, a day cruise is a great option to see the highlights. If you really want to go in depth, there are also 3 days / 2 nights cruises available.

How to Choose the Best Halong Bay Cruise?

Finding the best cruise in Halong Bay can seem like a challenge so let us break it down for you:

You have three basic route options for the best cruises in Halong Bay:

  1. Halong Bay – The UNESCO World Heritage Site and the most crowded.
  2. Lan Ha Bay – To the Northeast of Halong Bay, similar landscapes but much quieter.
  3. Bai Tu Long Bay – to the South of Halong Bay, similar landscapes but much quieter.

Concerning the best cruise ship for Halong Bay, you have again three options:

  1. Budget cruise Halong Bay – 3*
  2. Deluxe cruise Halong Bay – 4*
  3. Luxury cruise Halong Bay – 5*

We personally chose a 5 star cruise in Lan Ha Bay as the best Halong Bay overnight cruise for us.

Picture of View from Halong Bay cruise
View from Halong Bay cruise

What Is the Best Month for a Halong Bay Cruise?

The peak season with cooler temperatures is from November to March. Off-season with higher temperatures and humidity is from April to October. In August and September, storms may lead to tour cancellations.

Conclusion: Should You Book the Halong Bay Boat Cruise Overnight?

Yes! We thoroughly enjoyed our Halong Bay cruise. Personally, we think it’s well worth staying overnight in Halong Bay. We loved seeing the sunset, the sunrise, and Halong Bay at night.

We also enjoyed interspering our Vietnam backpacking trip with a more luxurious experience and a stay in a more luxurious room.

Picture of Night in Halong Bay
Night in Halong Bay
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