2022 or the year our dream of travelling the world died

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A review of our year 2022.

The title might sound a little dramatic but it’s true.

The ancient history (since 2020)

Those of you who have been following us since the beginning know that we started this travel blog in 2020. This was the year our dream to travel the world was supposed to come true.

We had quit our jobs and were about to give up our apartment when the pandemic hit and we made the decision to postpone our trip.

We decided to reorganise and started to plan our year 2021. We came up with a 4-tier plan:

  1. Microadventures in and around our home town
  2. Travels in our home country
  3. Longer journeys within Europe
  4. Travel the world

And we actually managed to tick off points 1-3. The only thing that was still missing was No. 4. Travel the world.

Our year 2022

And then life happened. We realised that we cannot wait for the world to go back to normal and live off our travel savings forever so we started taking on more and more projects and working more and more. Before we knew it we were quite immersed in our daily lives again. Quitting our jobs and travelling full-time was not an option anymore.

Instead, we lived semi-nomadically for half of 2022.

We actually managed to tick some things off our bucketlist this year:

From January to June we managed to visit the northern part of the Gringo Trail by visiting

Here, we realised that maybe full-time travel is not for us because travel fatigue hit us hard. With that in mind, we came back home to Germany.

Frankly, this is the point that we came to terms with not travelling full time because maybe it would not have been for us.

In July and August, we happily day-tripped like mad people with the glorious 9€ ticket which allowed us to try out all the regional trains from Berlin.

After the 9€ ticket offer ran out, we were ready to tackle another bucketlist destination of ours in September and October: The Baltics.

We visited

Additionally, we ticked off one of the weirder items on our bucketlist: Taking the ferry from Helsinki to Travemünde across the Baltic Sea.

picture of bucketlist2life in Guatemala
bucketlist2life in Guatemala

Bucket2life project

2022 was the year we really came to terms with our blog. We finally invested in some SEO skills which has paid off.

Additionally, we are super happy about the connections we have made because of this blog.

We have met some of you like globewanderlove in Mexico City in real life and have had lovely online interactions with old and new acquaintances.

2022 was also the year we have written our first guest posts. Head over to Nomadic Backpacker to find out what our 3 favourite countries are 😉

picture of bucketlist2life at work
bucketlist2life at work

What's in the future?

In 2023, we plan to travel to South East Asia again. You can see our rough plan on the map below.

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