5 Exceptional travel ideas for your bucketlist

Author Carina Klein
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Sleep in a world wonder, attend a crazy funeral, bathe in beer, visit pink lakes and hike with schnapps!

Did you know that you can sleep in one of the seven wonders of the world? Or that pink lakes not only exist in fairytales? Do you think that hiking is better with booze? Read on to learn about some of the most exceptional experiences we had around the world.

1. Sleeping INSIDE a beduin cave in the archaeological city of Petra, Jordan

Yes, you heard right. You can sleep IN the ancient ruins of Petra. In a cave. Need I say more? If so maybe the fact that you will be the first one exploring Petra in the morning and the last one exploring in the evening (because you don't have to leave!) will convince you. Additionally, you'll get great beduin style breakfasts and dinners cooked over a fire in front of your cave. And you'll get to experience the famous beduin hospitality.

Picture of beduin cave in Petra, Jordan
Petra, Jordan

2. Seeing the burial rites of the Tana Toraja on Sulawesi, Indonesia

In Tana Toraja, burials are something else. Here, the funeral is the main event in life. In other words: it is very expensive. And if the family doesn't have the money for a big funeral, the body gets embalmed until they do. It gets to stay inside the house and is treated as if sick: the clothes are changed and they are bathed and fed. The actual burial celebrations last for several days on specially constructed sites. The whole family and community congregate and many buffalos and other animals are sacrificed. The last step is to carry the body to its final resting place in elaborate, building shaped coffins. This whole unique process is much better to be experienced than to be read upon!

Picture of Tana Toraja funeral, Sulawesi
Rantepao, Sulawesi

3. Bathe in beer in Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, among other things, is known for its great beer. You can drink it affordably all around the Czech Republic and Prague - and you can bathe in it. In the beer spa, you'll get your private room with a bathtub full of beer. Right next to that tub is a tap, where you can draw your own Pilsener and dark beer - as much as you like! To rest you'll have a bed made of straw with a view of a romantic fireplace. And you'll have a private sauna, where you can sweat out some of that alcohol.

Picture of tub full of beer
Beer Spa, Prague

4. Swim in pink lakes in Yucatan, Mexico

You've heard all about Tulum, the lovely hipster beach town on the Riviera Maya in Yucatan. But have you ever heard about Las Coloradas - the pink lakes in the town of Rio Lagartos in the north of the Yucatan peninsula? There, you can go on a boat tour, visit a huge colony of flamingos, coat yourself in healing mud - and visit the pink lakes. Yes, they really are pink! The color originates from a high salinity as well as bacteria and algae. This will definitely be one of your most unique picture spots!

Picture of pink lake in Rio Lagartos, Mexico
Las Coloradas, Mexico

5. Have a boozy hike in the German Black Forest

The Black Forest (or Schwarzwald as we say in German) is known for its ham, its gateau, and its scenic mountain views. But not many people know that the Black Forest is a wine region and also known for homemade liquors and spirits. The beautiful town Sasbachwalden, full of half-timbered houses, boasts the unique opportunity to go on an immensely scenic hike through vineyards and along waterfalls - interrupted every few 100 meters by a well, offering ice-cold beverages. Every fountain is filled by a different owner with their own delicious schnapps that tastes like cherry, blueberry, eggnog, Jerusalem artichoke, pear, and so on...

Picture of well with schnapps in the Black Forest
Sasbachwalden, Germany

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Stefan (BerkeleySqB)

02.03.2021, 18:56

I think boozy hike for me and Petra for Ellie. Some fun ideas to add to the bucket list.

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Carina | Bucketlist2Life

02.03.2021, 19:05

Good to know that there is something for everybody!


04.02.2021, 19:38

Wir waren auch mal ein Wochenende in Prag, aber im Bier haben wir nicht gebadet. Die Flamingos und den rosa See würde ich gerne mal Live sehen. Sieht in echt bestimmt mega klasse aus. In den alten Ruinen von Petra schlafen klingt auch interessant. Es gibt so viele schöne Orte, die ich gerne noch sehen möchte.

Travel for a while

03.02.2021, 06:05

Wow, Petra is at the top of my bucket list but sleeping in a cave in Petra would ve amazing. I love those other ideas too!

Travel for a while wants to share this link with you

Travel for a while

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Bernie and Jess Watt

02.02.2021, 20:40

This is great. Adding bathing in beer to my bucket list :D

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02.02.2021, 18:05

what a fun list of bucket list items! I absolutely love the boozy hike idea in the Black Forest. Somebody better be with me to hold me up by the end :)

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wendy white

02.02.2021, 13:46

The boozy hike in the Black Forest sounds like my kind of thing! Who needs water, right? Lol

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02.02.2021, 13:27

Love those places, my favourite is definitely your suggestion for Petra and the beduin cave experience. Prague is definitely a must visit as well - I remember bathing in beer there it was a very fun experience.
Cannot wait to travel again to visit all those gorgeous locations once covid is over!

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